13 Jun Read about Dr Ling’s latest Scalp Acupuncture seminar with Dr Zhu in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Discover Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture with module 1 Basics of Scalp Acupuncture. We provide high quality courses that emphasise instant practical clinical. 23 reviews of Zhu’s Neuro-Acupuncture Center “Excellent! The staff is very attentive to my specific We combine Zhu’s scalp acupuncture and Photo of Zhu’s.

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Since coming to the U. He selects a zone site for treatment, and inserts one needle along the zone and then inserts a second needle perpendicular to that one, going across the zone and crossing over the first needle. The Dingnie zone runs from the center top of the head to the temple, at an angle aiming to the cheekbones.

However, a few researchers claim that clinical evidence does not support the need to treat one side or the other; rather, one can alternate sides on subsequent days. After insertion, the needle is twisted for 5 minutes at a speed tolerable to the patient who is advised to exercise the limbs as best he can.

Furthermore, the metacarpophalangeal joint of the operator fatigues easily. This is intended to improve vision e. Following is a review of the primary scalp acupuncture zones See Appendix 1 for a picture of the zones.

Synopsis of Scalp Acupuncture

In the other report 20from the Central Hospital of Shantou City also in Guangdongaphasia in nine children ages 16 months to 14 years was scakp. Once the needles are inserted into the scalp, they are gently manipulated, the patient is then encouraged to move the affected joint or painful area and the pain is usually gone within seconds. Lu Shoukang observes 1: Liu Chunhui and Wang Ying 11 reported on their experience of treating acute apoplexy during a medical visit to Yemen. The changes were statistically significant, though the parameters did not reach the levels of healthy patients.


Initial results of clinical work indicated that acupuncture applied to the scalp had good effect on diseases that were associated with cerebral damage, such as stroke.

For peripheral facial paralysis, Cui Yunmeng 7 suggests using a. After the basic course, I felt that this was exactly the philosophy and system I wanted to adopt when treating patients. For disorders that are not specific to a body location, such as hypertension or epilepsy, needling may be done on both sides of the zone. It did take some work, but the possibilities with scalp acupuncture are literally endless.

I recently had the honour of attending another one of Dr.

Zhu simply to prepare for the surgery and help with recovery time…. Its upper part lies beneath the scalp, at the vertex, at point Baihui.


The affected part of the body is to be moved during needle stimulation. What is Unique About Us? For the majority of neurological disorders, the tonification technique jinqi is used, with a series of rapid, very small-amplitude, in-out needle movements.

Use the thrusting technique jinqi in most cases, as this will tonify the deficiency. If the disorder to be treated is associated with a degenerative disease involving a kidney deficiency syndrome common in acu;uncture patients and those with chronic, degenerative diseasesthen Eding zone 4 is usually needled. Wang Yukang, et al. It was nothing less than a miracle!!

These are short lines radiating forward and back to the sides from GV, the meeting spot between the end of the Eding zone corresponding to the genital area and the beginning of the Dingzhen zone corresponding to the head and neck. The scalp needles were strongly stimulated with twirling at times per minute for 2—3 minutes, and followed by the lifting maneuver to get the full qi reaction. According to this review, the technique is predominantly a small-needle therapy in which shu points in the scalp are treated.


Sustain Health is a multidisciplinary, wellness clinic located in South Melbourne, Australia. I first met Dr. In a report from Harbin 18several aspects of scalp acupuncture for stroke patients were commented upon, which largely match the methodology and interpretation expressed by Zhu:.

Sustain Health’s Doctor Ling Learns from Prof. Zhu

Once a response is noted, the needle manipulation can be ceased. She described her basic treatment techniques as follows, indicating that zhj are a number of other procedures that she may utilize to complete the treatment:.

Both scalpp scalp and body acupuncture needles are retained for 20—30 minutes and stimulated every 2—3 minutes during this time. As a part of his professional growth, Dr Ling will continue to train with Prof.

Zhu explains, the brain is the control centre of the body, and the closest access to the brain would be through the scalp. Dingnie 3 near ST-8 governs the head.

Dr Ling Attends Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture Seminar in Kuala Lumpur

After performing acupuncture on the stroke patients, the TXB2 levels declined and the 6KP levels rose. The patient is taken through a series of exercises while the scalp needles are being stimulated simultaneously.

Scupuncture direction of needling is usually towards the face.