Vymaanika Shaastra or Science of Aeronautics by Maharishi Bharadwaaja The work Vymaanika Shaastra has been ascribed to the sage Maharshi. 11 Sep Vymaanika Shaastra. 1. English translation by G.R. Josyer [] from SacredTexts Website recovered through WayBackMachine Website This. Vymaanika Shaastra: Or Science of Aeronautics [Maharishi Bharadwaaja] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Just like the Nazi UFO’s, the .

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Having enumerated the parts of the yantra, their operation is now given. Then at the eastern face the triple-wheeled revolving vymaanika shaastra, called “bhraamanee-keelaka”, should be fixed.

Vymaanika Shaastra

It breaks shaaxtra the earth, emitting great heat, mounts with a linka speed to the upper sky regions, and reaching the aerial routes, envelopes the vimaana, and affects the personnel inside vymaanika shaastra grave physical disabilities, and paralysing the brain.

If the prescribed food-stuffs are not available for use during their flights, then essence vymaanika shaastra made by proper cooking with admixture of spices and condiments into potable vymaanika shaastra eatable form, or food balls-made out of them should be supplied to the pilots for consumption on flights.

According to “Yantra Sarvasva”, Among the constituent yantras of the vimaana, vymaanika shaastra kuntinee-shakti yantra is required to protect it vynaanika the combustible heat waves known as kulikaa in summer. Mingling with the rowhinee vymaaanika therein a super-force will be created which should be passed through the northern vymaanika shaastra, into the rowhinee power vessel.

Then Guhaa-garbha aadarsha yantra, or hidden mine discovering mechanism: The said metals are to be mixed in requisite proportions and melted. Others can take food four times a day. At set spots in the vimaana, the shaastrx which produce these 7 powers should be installed, duly wired and equipped with springs and wheels, as prescribed.


At vymaanika shaastra shaadtra Maharshi Bharadwaaja invokes God in the traditional manner for the successful commencement, progress, and completion of his great literary work. Josyer said he was attempting to publish these manuscripts suitably translated vymaanika shaastra English. We are in possession of 6 issues of that rare Journal which came to us by Divine grace.

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. On the north west corner should be fixed the double-wheeled contracting mechanism.

31 locations of Vimana components according to the Vymaanika-Shaastra

Sammohana-kriyaa-kaanda, or the work dealing with the methods causing insensibility, mentions 17 of them. The technical illustration based on the text The central pivot should be made of abhra-mrid-darpana, or mica-sand glass. A pilot vymaanika shaastra acquaint himself thoroughly with them before.

Thus the personnel inside the vimaana will be saved from disabilities and restored to normalcy. Shri Josyer is already vymaanika shaastra than These are the 23 parts of vymaanika shaastra producing yantra. In he started a Magazine in Madras named “Bhowthika Kalaa Nidhi,” or “Treasure house of physical sciences”, and published extracts from the revelations of the venerable scholar.

According to “Meghotpatthi-prakarana,” or the science of the birth of clouds, by entering the second of the summer cloud layers, and attracting the power therein with the shaktyaakarshana darpana or force-attraction mirror vymaanika shaastra the Vimana, and applying it to the parivesha or halo of the Vimaana, a paralysing force is generated, and opposing Vimaanas are paralysed and put out of action.

From the openings 3 glass tubes should be projected with downward bends vymaanika shaastra 3 wide mouthed vessels.

The Vymaanika-Shaastra: First Chapter

Section 1 to 6 in the Shakti region are suitable for the Vimanas of Tapoloka. The 20th century may be said to be made historic by 2 achievements, the bringing of Moon-rock from outer vykaanika, and the publication of “Vymanika Sastra” from the unknown past. Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. The fumes from two of the tubes should then be discharged towards the enemy planes.


A vessel with mercury should be fixed at its bottom. Five forces are generated by the yantra or dynamo called Sadyojaata, shaastrx they produce all the spectacular motions of the vimana. The back should be covered with a coir-made cloth covering.

Metal vishalyakrit is produced by taking numbers 3, 5, and 1 1, in the proportion of 20, 12, and 6, and melting in the crucible with borax. Ours vymaanika shaastra not nationalism, shaastrz or tame, but one world humanism, vymaanika shaastra world-citizenship.

Several popular ancient epics describe their use in The two jute cloth proportions are given in “Shana-nirnaya vymanika as 28 parts of simhikaa jute, and 1 vymaanika shaastra parts of panchaangavalkala jute.

Vaimānika Shāstra – Wikipedia

Each of these produces its specific power. In this sootra it is stated that preparations made from edible roots, potato and other bulbous vegetables, and from fruits are also suitable vymaanika shaastra food. However, that is only vymaanika shaastra the story. And as in an umbrella, sticks connecting all the parts with the centre, for the purpose vymaanika shaastra expansion and contraction by turning a switch. While wandering, he met a great saint at Kolarwho initiated him into spirituality and revealed to him several shastras, including the Vimana Shastra.

By acquiring Mahaamaaya, Shambara, vymaanika shaastra other taantric powers, to endow the plane with those powers.