Pets and pregnancy.

You love your Pets, but recently learned that you are pregnant, or you plan the pregnancy, but are already a pet owner, one way or another, there are some things you need to keep in mind to create a safe environment our future child.

Pregnancy and dog.

In General, dogs do not pose any risk to your health and the health of your unborn baby while you are pregnant. If you have a large dog, it is better not to let her jump on your belly when you lie or sit in a chair.

The second concern relates to the time when the baby is born. Small children are the most frequent victims of dog bites.

Here are some useful tips that will help to create a safer environment for you, your child and your dog:

Think about the habits of your dog that may create a problem for the future of the child and try to get rid of them before the birth.

Start training your dog the difference between her toys and baby toys.

Your dog may start you be jealous if your attention will be focused on the child. Don’t forget your pet and try to pay some attention to your dog too. Turn your pet into the game with the child.

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Kefir in the diet of Pets

Cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, budgies, Canaries, aquarium fish, exotic reptiles and amphibians, and colorful insects – what Pets does not happen. People since time immemorial is looking for a “spiritual relative” among the diversity of animal life on the planet. This craving to find his second “I” is due to the search of his ties with nature, humanity lost a thousand years ago.

The diet of our little brothers is different from human, but they also need proteins, fats and carbohydrates to delight us with its immediacy, by its form and attachment to the owners. In any supermarket you can find a large selection of different dry feed mixtures and canned food for Pets. To pick up food, it is best to consult with a veterinarian, a pharmacist in a special pharmacy or pet store. Experts will help you to develop a diet for your “friend”, advise the manufacturer quality feed.

Many Pets need in dairy products, especially yogurt VIVO. But this product requires a special relationship, if it is included in the diet of animals and birds.

Special yogurt for animals not available, but dairy products starter cultures VIVO eat recommended only with the permission of your vet!

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