Read Tirumantiram-Tirumular book reviews & author details and more at The English translation and part of the notes are by the Late jan who was . The Tirumantiram or Thirumantiram is a Tamil poetic work written in the BC by Thirumular . Tirumantiram in English, translated by Dr. B. Natarajan; Tirumantiram in Tamil Unicode format: Tirumantiram · Shavism Homepage. spelled Tirumantiram) in English, but with different goals in the translations. Marshall Govindan tells the story in the introduc- tion, “The Tirumandiram is one.

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Yet you love not Lord ; Do you go with me, To where the Lord succours. Are verily to enveloping darkness condemned.

It is very important to remember that what a person is taught to believe creates his or her attitudes toward others and toward the world and stimulates or suppresses desire. It has no founder because it was not founded by man. The Tirumurai have come to be regarded as the very lifebreath of the devotional strength of Saivism. When the scriptures speak of the world or the soul as being eternal, we must understand that it is not any particular part of the world or any single soul that exists forever.

For these tantras Brahmin priests and shastris from various parts of South India had to be hired to help in deciphering the deeper, more abstruse verses about the kundalini and other mystical subjects. Let but Pati touch!

The fruit drops off and the seed sprouts and a shoot comes out; that shoot becomes a twig, then a sapling, then a small tree, and then a large tree. For others some concept of a philosophy halfway between Emglish and Dvaita, a vague area of unclarity, and for others various literal tirummantiram of the word such as “true end,” “final end” or “true conclusion.

The Fifth Tantra is a very special one. Compassion Leads to God They, whose hearts melt in charity, see the Feet of the Lord, The steadfast of faith attain Swarga’s might, But those sinful ones of charity befeft, helpless, forsaken, Engulfed in passions low, pass into eternal night.

These nine tantras end with hymns of praise to Siva and a description of Siva’s all-pervading nature. Age is Determined If after emission, The male’s breath five finger-length extends, The infant born lives a hundred years; When breath to four finger measure stretches, To age eighty the infant lives; The Yogi who knows the science of breath control If in sex act He indulges, He, the vital flow, accordingly regulates.

The Sixth Tantra covers a variety of aspects emglish Saivism and is more readable than most of the others. Tirumantiraj Way to Ascension to Void lies through Meditation The mystic bed-chamber is day-light eternal No darkness invades; There is a way This body to fire-chamber consigned not be; The light of this knowledge Is by meditation prolonged; The Chamber of Void Knows not end of Light ever.

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Saint Tirumular is the first one to codify Saiva Siddhanta, the final conclusions, and the first one to use the term “Saiva Siddhanta. Rather it is the existence of that which we call world. God Siva is called the Primal Soul because He is the perfect form, the original soul who then created individual souls.

Descent of Divine Stream in Yoga The heaven-sent torrent leaps rushing down rocky eights; So does the silent divine stream from heart’s inner core, Foamless, pure, clear, crystalline, Boundless, free–from my Holy Master, e’er pour. Shun Sinful Living Killing, theiving, drinking, lusting, lyi ng— These horrid sins detest and shun ; to those Who Siva’s Holy Feet attain and the Bliss eternal, They come not; such men in Wisdom’s bliss ever repose.

Immeasurable Mai who spanned the earth and Brahma the Lotus seated one, And others of the Gods fathomed Him not; There be none to measure Him that measured the Heav’ns And thus He stood, all visions transcending. Returning to the fields he was unable to find his original physical body!

Parasivam can only be experienced to be known, and then it cannot be explained. His Tirukural speaks on virtuous living. Breath Control for Maha Siddha Yoga If below the nose-tip You look twelve-finger length, And then concentrate and meditate on navel centreThe mighty Siddha yoga shall yours be And imperishable shall your body be. It sets us apart from the Dvaita Saiva 36 Siddhanta school of interpretation begun by Meykanda Devar which sees God and the soul as eternally separate, never completely unified.

Foolish they who claim their wealth their own, Seeing their own shadows tkrumantiram them useless though nearby; The tirumanturam that with the body comes as surely departs; They see not; the light that lends lustre to the seeing eye. Views Read Edit View history. Tirumantoram is a Boat in Dangerous Waters How fast we cling to stock of cattle and riches gay Less stable even than the boat which midstream upturns! Followers Of False Religion Neither Seek Nor See Him The fools who swear by the faith that our senses numbs, Who yield to the heady joys of drink – they neither seek nor see Mamaya’s home, for the maya’s fetters are they bound; But recovered from maya’s hold, they merge in the itrumantiram and are free.

The First Tantra begins with a synopsis of all that is to follow engkish the Saint’s opus.

In Love, He Created In fondness for us He created the seven worlds, In fondness for us He created the several aeons In fondness for us He created the five envlish In fondness for us He created this body and breath.

Blessings of Mind Withdrawal Step by step, practise mind’s withdrawal And look inward; One by one many the good you see tirimantiram And may you then meet the Lord, Now and here below Whom the ancient Vedas still searches Everywhere. Simhasana-Lion Posture Stretch the hands over the calf of leg, Lift the mouth upward, Fix thy gaze on tip of nose, Thus do thou Simhasana posture. Those of you who have been on San Marga here on Englsh have seen the beautiful life-size granite statue of Saint Tirumular that arrived here along with the statue of Saint Tiruvalluvar, the author of the Tirukural.


Because there is nobody or nothing to control them, they just roam “uncontrollably”, here the five senses untamed, lead us to temptations!

Worldly Desires are Never-Ending Our desires grow, but none the truth to tirumwntiram There’s one stake to hold but nine exits to leave; 53 The old familiar faces come smiling to greet and bow; Deceivers ever, they abandon us without a reprieve.

Tirumandiram (Thirumandiram) by the Yoga Siddhar Tirumular (Thirumoolar)

The Tieumantiram Tantra explores the mystical science of yoga, yama and niyama, pranayama, asana, pratyahara or withdrawal of the senses within, dharana or concentration, dhyana or meditation and samadhi or Self-Realization. Raja Raja Chola I. Select Bibliography by Dr. At His Glance, Impurities Vanish The sunstone sleeps in cotton enclosed, The sunstone burns not ebglish fragile stuff; 43 Let but the sun’s rays fall!

What though you feed with parting drops of milk; or many scoff? He has written many books and articles on economics and agriculture and is deeply involved in the nascent science of futurology.

The truth is more like the example of the tree, though that englih is only a partial analogy and does not explain how the soul merges with the Absolute. For example, when the belief is held that God and the soul are coexistent and that God did not create the soul and the two will never merge as one, this causes a certain tirumxntiram of indifference toward the practice of yoga and the realization of God.

If the Heaven’s King, you unwaveringly seek, 52 Like pouring clouds choicest treasures fall at your feet.

In India during Tiruvalluvar’s time there was neither paper nor pens, so writing was accomplished with a stylus, the characters being scraped or scratched into a specially prepared leaf, called an Ola leaf. Manifestation of Downward-looking Face “Hail our Lord!

It is perhaps the most complete and profound exposition tirumangiram the subtle theology of Saiva Siddhanta ever written, so filled with the esoteric and the abtruse that it has not through its long history been read or studied outside of the conclaves tirumantirma scholars-though in the last two decades this trend has shifted and will continue now that a complete English edition is available.

They are also associated through various regions and languages. You start here and you go there, and you get the Self. Hold to the unifying elements and let Saivism surge forward.