The Sane Society has ratings and 93 reviews. Elena said: This book has been a psychological survival manual for me. I will always be indebted to Fr. 23 Mar The Sane Society: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist Erich Fromm on How to Save Us From Ourselves. “The whole life of the. The Sane Society is a continuation and extension of the brilliant psychiatric concepts Erich Fromm first formulated in Escape from Freedom; it is also, in many .

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Anderson – – Science and Society 66 2: It is such under the exploitative capital-labor relationship. A nation-wide socialist movement would quickly run into the problem of coercion and the decay of democracy.

The Sane Society – Wikiquote

Some good diagnosis, poor treatment Fromm has some decent insights into man’s thf Why should growth end with the mid 20s? And it may turn out that interchangeability is more productive than specialization; but, then, the principle of productivity may itself give way to some manner of organizing social production which might make it more attractive. They use television to build up political personalities as they use it to build up a soap; what matters is the effect, in sales or votes, not the rationality or usefulness of what is presented.

C RootednessBrotherliness vs Incest. What I loved specifically is that Fromm never tries to go ‘back’ to some imagined state, like so many other critics of capitalisms are proposing examples: Can you rebel against this society?

The Sane Society by Erich Fromm.

The later part of the book th the practice of socialism in Russia and England, in addition to a grass-root experiment in socialism in France which supposedly proved that a more sane society is possible. How this primal sense of polity and community is to be restored is one of the big questions of our time.

As the author says, this is mainly due to the subordination of ‘machines’, or technology in modern terms, to man, or that man is enslaved by the overproduction and consumption of products to feel satisfied and ‘happy’ about life. Writing in the era of encroaching Communism and the soociety of the Evil Empire, 2 years before the successful launch of Sputnik.

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Freedom is diminished in its worth and human dignity becomes something very ambiguous. The former persuades us that if we are to succeed in the world, we sciety take the axe and ruthlessly chop off everything that doesn’t fit into the pre-established slot that we’re aiming to fill.

He sees them hunger for a voice in the production process. But the basic message that the entire structure and expectations and ambitions of a society can, in fact, be insane I believe to be undoubtedly the case, and it’s somewhat depressing to realize that this book was written 55 years ago, and that the message has been repeated, and even accepted and believed countless times in countless arenas and forms since then, and yet, here we still are.

In capita How can a book like this exist since ? D Interest and Participation as Motivation.

The Sane Society

However, missing in plan sight is the limitation that the type of Workers’ Co-op Socialism could only function in small scale. It’s not that he is dry and boring quite the opposite but he supported his ideas so well that it is a bit hard to read more than a chapter or two at a time because his arguments come with some much evidence and exposition.

As the author says, this is mainly due to t I like how the author explains his theories and defends them with other sources and also criticizes the sources at the same time. They hadn’t become bored by it; they hadn’t become ironic about it; perhaps they felt it was possible to reverse the forces behind it. Still, I like dreamers, just who serve the benefits of humanity and there is nothing to bother about After an extensive study of psychology and sociology at the universities of Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Munich, he obtained psychoanalytic training at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute.

I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in socialist ideals, and the perfect solution to modern societal issues. Many of the phenomena the author observed almost 60 years ago, are now accelerated in an alarming rate an to a more extreme manifestation by the explosion of infor The sections on alienation, paternal vs.

With our Selves, that is. After all, without that hope, life doesn’t really amount to much, despite all the rewards, recognition and shiny trinkets one might hoard to shore up against facing one’s emptiness.


A brilliant treatise on modern man’s issues, stemming from our removal from nature, increased wealth, and dissatisfaction in work.

The best chapters in this book remain the early ones, the ones where Fromm lays out his beliefs about sciety nature and asks what kinds of social structures best support the development of our best selves.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The world that you see takes you so far from your most vibrantly revelatory instincts into reality.

Why we don’t change? It led me to specific sorts of political activism bioregionalism it was called then; localism is the current, perhaps more diluted incarnationand it actually prevented me from becoming enthralled with postmodernism throughout college at that time, postmodernism was almost mandatory for intellectuals; I’ll never forget one of my philosophy teachers squinting at me appraisingly then saying, “I get it — you’re a humanist! Lists with This Book. To Have or to Be? In most cases that suffices.

Without a sustained link to our higher self, there can be no authentic success, belonging, not to mention love or sense of meaning. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy journals. Why i don’t change? Well worth the time it takes to get through it but definitely not a book you want to take on vacation with you. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. With this most recent reading, I did question whether “conformity” was then and is now really the specter capitalism’s functional dictator that Fromm believed it to be.

Either way, God is taken for granted. They seems alike somehow? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In other words, Freud postulated that our characters were determined by biology.

Rafael Pangilinan – – Kritike 3 2: His brokenness lies elsewhere; his sickness is alienation from God, not from himsel Some good diagnosis, poor treatment Fromm has some decent insights into man’s problems: