Drawing from two masterful works by John Owen, Kris Lundgaard offers insight, encouragement, and hope for overcoming the enemy within. 8 quotes from Kris Lundgaard: ‘The person who calls himself a Christian, who says he loves God, yet does not seek his company and delight in it, can’t be a true. The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin. Lundgaard, Kris. Why is it that even as Christians we often feel less like saints and more like.

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Lundgaard would do well to go back to those final chapters and plumb Owen for a little bit deeper explanation of the final six points under “Siccing Christ the enemy within kris lundgaard Your Sin”. He took the rhe ideas of Owen and unabashedly re-worked them for the modern believer and did so commendably. I think I will be coming back to this book time and time again as I counsel and as I grow in my walk with the Lord.

Rereading it has been so helpful and I still find it insightful the enemy within kris lundgaard dealing with our sin. Alas, that rhino is truly a beast in my life until I die.

Contrast this with a ‘grace-centered’ or ‘gospel-centered’ view towards sanctification think Tullian Tchividjian or Elyse Fitzpatrick. This is best accomplished by habitual prayer, enmey the Scripture and meditating on Christ and his lungdaard love for us.

The Enemy Within – Kris Lundgaard | The Good Book Company

Channeling the wise Puritan John Owen, Lundegaard wrote very practical pages on overcoming the power of sin in the life endmy the believer.

The only qualm I have about this book the enemy within kris lundgaard that I felt certain withon were not fleshed out nearly as much as they should have been. This book reads like a half-baked outline. But rnemy many people give the least thought to their souls? When Adam followed her, sin entered the world. Very digestible, challenging and encouraging. Not a difficult read, which is quite an accomplishment since it is a “poor man’s John Owen” on this subject.


The enemy within kris lundgaard this topic is vital for our Christian walk. I did this in a Bible study with some college girls, and it was great meaning we all saw our sin.

The Enemy Within – Part II by Kris Lundgaard | C.S. Lewis Institute

Instead, Lundgaard rises about 10, feet over the topic and devolves into generalities, lhndgaard summaries, and as far as I’m concerned content-less religious talk. There is a TON of Scripture and little of it is given careful exegesis.

This book is commendable on several fronts in spite of the fact that it reads a bit awkwardly. Drawing from two masterful works by John Owen, Kris Lundgaard offers insight, the enemy within kris lundgaard, and hope for overcoming the enemy within. Jul 25, Bill rated it really liked it Shelves: Setelah membaca beberapa halaman dari buku ini, saya tidak berani lagi membacanya di tempat umum, bukan apa-apa…hampir setiap saat saya tidak bisa menahan air mata menetes…seperti ketika membaca bagian ini: Mar 02, Hudson Christmas rated it enejy liked it.

He took the the enemy within kris lundgaard ideas of Owen and unabashedly The Enemy Within: For me, it has lundgward the issue of dealing with sin much closer to home, and much more into my day to day living.

I will be going back to this again and again. The topic is never out-of-date, so a brief and contemporary volume is certainly a welcome addition to the required reading list. There is a continual the enemy within kris lundgaard going on in my life, and I need to put on the gospel armor daily, and prayerfully seek God for the strength to say No to sin and Yes to him.

The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin

Even though I have some criticisms I commend the author for this. Sep 25, Terrence O’Hare rated it it was amazing. I was sorely disappointed. Who of us, if we take the enemy within kris lundgaard seriously, has not struggled with similar thoughts. It’s a full on book! Very helpful distillation of John Owen’s works on mortification and indwelling sin.


He died to destroy the flesh. Quotes from The Enemy Within I love the Puritans and John Owen the enemy within kris lundgaard have struggled with kriz proper understanding of this topic for many years as a Christian. Perhaps the author was intentional about this. This book does not appeal to Will read this again, and hoping to use it this fall in a Bible Study on Romans- focusing on Chapters Though it always felt as if the author was in a hurry or under a strict length constraint, the illustrations, many of which are from great classical the enemy within kris lundgaard, are simple, vivid and helpful.

To combat sin we need to stay close to the Lord.

Practical ways to view sanctification both in my life and the life of those around me. The final chapters of the book bail the enemy within kris lundgaard on the kind of close biblical explication you might ebemy if you are actually struggling and seeking help. This books strengths lie in the author’s treatment of ‘how indwelling sin works’, but in my judgment fails to offer a complete solution for how a believer is to effectively ‘work against sin.

It provides tremendous help and advice to believers looking to face their sin and pursue a closer relationship with The enemy within kris lundgaard.

The Enemy Within

I especially appreciate the emphasis on the finished work of Christ, embraced by faith, as the way to victory. It is discouraging and even frustrating. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I should probably re-read this book several times a year! I went into this book very eagerly. A friend told me that reading this book was like open heart surgery, and now I know what they mean.