catalog – scroll down the web page until you see the type in red) All Rosco glass gobos can be used in Rosco Gobo Rotators. Other gobo rotators may require. With over 1, stock images available, Rosco has the largest selection of gobos in the world. Their patterns are manufactured using a precise double-sided. Many designers prefer to choose their gobos online. Rosco’s new Gobo Website makes it easier and faster. All the gobos in this catalog (plus others) are shown.

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A member of the Rosco team will get back to you as soon as possible. Film, Television and Broadcast. Rosco gobo catalog gobo is unique and our commitment to the customer, attention to detail and focus on quality never waivers. A magnet will not stick to an Apollo gobo. However, we regularly ship sooner than indicated. Sinceour gobos have been produced using a rosco gobo catalog laser manufacturing process that eliminates over 1 oz.

A magnet requires carbon steel to stick. This type of steel produces a very durable gobo with fine detail image and a long life. Rosco gobo catalog creates a sharper image by blocking unwanted light.

Metal gobos from our collection typically ships within 24 hours, depending upon availability.

View our collection of Metal gobos. Apollo metal gobos are made from 8 mil stainless steel with a high level of nickel and chromium.

It projects 2 colors with intricate detail. The 1-color gobo has a surrounding circle of light and may appear blurry. Patrick’s Day staff stained yobo Stained glass starfish stars statue statues steel sterling sticks stone storm straight strands strike string strip stripe stroke subway suite summer sun sunlight sunrise sunset sunshine swamp swirling swirls swoosh symbols target team technology telehone poles temple temporary texture Thanksgiving theater theatre thin thorny threads thunder tiger tight time tire titanic tombstone Tower tower town tracks train transistor transportation trapezoid tread tree trees triangles tribal orsco trophy tropical truss turkey twist twisting tye dye UK umbrella UN United Kingdom United States universe university urban US USA USD vacation Valentine’s Day vampire vignette vistas voila vortex Wales wall war warehouse warm rosco gobo catalog waterfall waves wavy weave Wedding wham wheel whirlpool white and blue rosco gobo catalog wildlife windmill window windy winner winter wires witch wolf woman rosco gobo catalog woods words world worn woven X yellow yom kippur zap zig zag zodiac zoom.


Do you need to create scenic elements in theater and stage, add a personal touch to an event, design a special effect or promote a brand or product rosco gobo catalog You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Gobo Catalog | Rosco

Thank you for your inquiry. They are designed for use in approved LED fixtures only catalot in short or temporary installations. Need help right away?

Longevity is affected by many factors including; fixture, usage, environment, pattern and other factors. The 2-color gobo does not have a circle of light and the image appears to be sharper.

Region Overlay Products on this rosco gobo catalog may not be available in your region.

View our collection of 1-Color gobos. Multi Color Abigail Rosen Holmes. Gobos rosco gobo catalog be metal, glass or plastic. A 2-Color glass gobo is made from two color dichroic filters. Preset Wedding Gobo Templates. An affordable option for projecting full color artwork — available as iPro Slides or Cool Ink plastic gobos. Gobo Catalog The world’s largest catalog of patterns to texture and shape your story.

Do I want a 1- or 2-Color Gobo? Gobos can help create all of this rosco gobo catalog much more. Film, Television and Broadcast. View our collection of 2-Color gobos.


Within 25 miles Within 50 miles Within miles Within miles. The carbon begins to oxidize rust and breakdown faster than a gobo made from steel with nickel and chromium. Thank you for your inquiry.

The world’s largest catalog of fatalog templates, including Steel patterns engineered by lighting roscoo, Effects Glass gobos to add dimensionality and color, and custom options for any event rosco gobo catalog production. Rosco gobo catalog you need a gobo sooner, please contact your authorized dealer or our customer service team and we will make every attempt to meet your deadline. It projects a single color with intricate detail. Glass Color – Scene Color: Gobos Texture the light of your story with Rosco gobo catalog gobos.

We will respond as soon as possible during regular business hours. Best way to contact you Best way to contact you Phone Email. Overview Product Categories Resources.

The choice of material is dependent upon budget, application, fixture, and pattern design. Check out our frequently asked questions page here: I’d like to receive future information from Rosco.

Add a Special Touch with Apollo Gobos Do you need to create scenic elements in theater and stage, add a personal touch to an event, design a special effect or promote a brand or product launch? A member of the Rosco team will get back to you as soon as possible.

A black plate has been added to achieve this effect. The example below compares a 1-color rosco gobo catalog to a 2-color right glass gobo. Glass Color – Abstract Color: Sort by Alphabetical Numeric Order.

We have created over rosco gobo catalog.