3 Oct The exact abilities and backstories of Ravenloft’s Darklords have varied from edition to edition, but almost all exert considerable control over. From what I managed to peice together when a person does horrible things they are brought to ravenloft where they are given their own pocket. Darklords. Authors: Andria Hayday with William W. Connors, Bruce Nesmith, and James Lowder Type: Accessory – new domains. Format: 96 pages paperback.

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At most he has fifty hours to enjoy having his soul back, and can only be rejuvenated once per season, so he’ll cram in every possible thrill he can, from eating and drinking to sex to murder.

There’s a mostly empty village and a castle that is taller than any castle in our world. This power over memory affects anyone else who enters Darkon as well; staying there for more than three months at a time causes a visitor’s memories to be erased and replaced with false ones of spending one’s whole life in Darkon. Before she ruled Nidala, she was a benevolent version. The children now adore him only out of fear, and as they grow older they wonder when Maligno will come for them as well.

This ability can not be used again without a long rest. So he’s bullying local villages to stave it off. He easily rivals Strahd for being the most powerful Darklord, both in and out of game. An inherent power of hags.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: His descent from Azrai is unmentioned until Domains of Dread. Easan is able to use his Wild Magic to control every aspect of its nature and landscape, which since he’s utterly insane means that Vechor is an ever-changing surrealist nightmare, with bizarre apparitions and surrealistic landscapes constantly forcing themselves upon reality, replacing and alternating with each other seemingly at random.

The Dog Bites Back: Meredoth, Darklord of the Nocturnal Sea. Prince Ladislav Mircea, Darklord of Sanguinia Originally a handsome, vain, and selfish prince, who abandoned his subjects when a plague hit his lands, retreating to his castle with his rabenloft.

With tattoos all over his head; baldness is actually common for the Red Wizards, but the tattoos are the type only women have. All images must be original content, must include [OC] or [Art] in the title, and must be accompanied by a description in the comments of at least characters. The Darklords are essentially everyone who get’s drawn into the Demiplane of Dread, or at least it’s the final state of everyone who ends up there and can’t escape. However, Vlad is fixated on the “old ways” of doing war — darklkrds of infantry and cavalry slugging it out until somebody falls — and will have nothing to do with combat spellcasters or gunpowder weaponry.


The Farmer and the Darklods Especially notable with Darklords whose superpowers are social influence or cerebral. He can be very civil if care is taken not to offend or dar,lords him. Tristen ApBlanc, Darklord of Forlorn.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: This page was last modified on 3 Octoberat He is the archetypal vampire darklord in the setting, though by no means the only one, and his appearance is clearly based off of Christopher Lee’s portrayal of Dracula in the Dracula film by Hammer Film Productions.

While he was formerly known to be rather passive as a Darklord, in recent times he has taken to enslaving other ghosts to do his bidding. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Realizing that widespread knowledge of his weakness would spell his doom because “being an alpha means proving it every full moon”Alfred is trying to divest himself of his humanity by commanding and occasionally participating in ever-greater acts of slaughter, dedicating and offering them to his god who has remained silent on this one pressing issue, with the only exceptions to his wrath being the Vistani as he still remembers what happened the last time he killed one.

Herself, and her son Malocchio. Can turn into a monkey in order to blend in with Sebua’s other monkeys.


The people of Pharazia love their divine protector, and fear the angel of death that stalks the night, never suspecting that they are one and the same.

However, such magic is blasphemy according to its doctrine, and for which he would be imprisoned, tortured, and darklorda publicly as an example to others back in Kantora. However, his human forms always have to resemble his baseline. He’d very much enjoy the power of his other forms Department of Redundancy Department: Tried to seduce a gigolo to escape their farmstead, but he played them against each other and they killed gavenloft.


List of Darklords

Easan the Mad, Darklord of Vechor A wood elf unwillingly possesed by a fiend, which later merged with him. Though they’ll settle for goblins in a rvaenloft. A moody and melancholy individual, who unlike many darklords won’t even pretend to be nice. Dementlieu is ruled by lord-governor Marcel Guignol, who unbeknownst to everyone, is d’Honaire’s mind controlled puppet.

Falls short only because his daughter’s fate is undetermined see above. When he woke up, he saw the name ” Zhakata ” scrawled on a wall. She became both temporal leader and Darklord of Invidia by slitting Bakholis’s throat with a silver dagger.

August Other notes: Inajira the arcanoloth originally appears as a villain in the adventure moduleRoots of Evil. He was once, long ago. His elite spies are a breed of sentient ravens King’s Ravens, or Corvus Regi. More info on his page.

Ravenloft: Darklords

His private estate Veneficus is set back from the east bank of the Saniset River a fair distance from Toyalis. Many Darklords are also darklorsd dangerous to confront in open combat, or otherwise have hidden powers up their sleeves that can neutralize entire groups of player characters even without combat. It’s subtle, but someone who reads his backstory will realise he is actually a homosexual. His wife is Nephyr.

Adept at keeping this facade. Trapped in human form and unable to indulge his bloodlust, he can only watch as humans multiply and thrive in his domain, slowly destroying its ecology; only when nature has been varklords will his cursed existence finally end.

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