Thrushes: song, black, Redwing and other

Thrush (lat. Turdus) is a bird which belongs to the order Passeriformes. To the family Drozdovich is 62 species, in Russia there are about 20 species. The most common is the song thrush, its mass reaches 55-100 grams, body length 21-25 cm Back and tail are painted in chocolate brown with silver stains. Abdomen white, flanks mottled. Breast yellowish, with dark brown spots, the area under the wings reddish. Young color dimmer, sexual dimorphism is not pronounced.

Thrush the Redwing is smaller, its weight rarely exceeds 60 grams. Back painted in olive-brown color, the area under the wings and sides of breast rufous; above the eyes are “eyebrows”, pigmented whitish-yellow, so the bird got a name.

Blackbird is completely black, the beak is bright orange.

White-throated thrush is very similar to Blackbird, but the chest there is a distinct white stripe, the orange beak is pigmented.

Also common Fieldfare, red thrush, mistle thrush, red-throated, grey, olive, Siberian, Golden and other species. The appearance of various kinds of blackbirds you can see in the video below.

Distribution, diet, nesting thrushes

Mainly blackbirds eat a variety of caterpillars, butterflies, insects, earthworms.They can also eat the Mature berries and fruit on trees.

Vykarmlivaya Chicks, members of this species consume a lot of insects: every day they have to fly in search of food to offspring by 200 times or more.

Nests of thrush can be seen on trees, shrubs, stumps, often near forest clearing or at the edge, dark areas the birds avoid. The birds build their nest in a Cup made of thin twigs, roots, leaves, pieces of moss, inside it is covered with clay. Mostly females make two clutches per year: 5-6 and 4-5 respectively of eggs, the Chicks hatch 13-15 days. Offspring are fed by both parents.

At home it is recommended to include thrushes in large cells, varying in length from 70 cm Equip their house, perch, bowls and toys. You can give your birds a soft food, grated vegetables, cheese, berries, fruit, cereal, bread, flour and other worms. In captivity they also breed, but in cages.

Interesting facts about thrushes

These interesting birds move: jumping, crouching slightly;

Distributed in Europe, America, Asia, and in the winter they fly in flocks to the South;

The most popular breeding species are singing and Blackbird – species have such beautiful voices, their even called “the forest of the nightingales”;

To ward off enemies from the nest, blackbirds attacking them. If this approach fails, the bird pretends to be sick and lame and leads the predator away from the nest;

Blackbirds bold but cautious birds. Once deceived an individual will never fall into the same trap.

See Photos of different species of thrushes and listen to the voice of song thrush