Early spring has resulted in the emergence of caterpillars that are dangerous for children and dogs

Doctors Spain are warning residents about the need to be careful while walking outdoors, especially with children, and dogs. Because of early spring in Spain observed the invasion of toxic caterpillars, lovers of pine needles.

Caterpillars marching moth ( Thaumetopoea Pityocampa ) can be found in any European country where there are pine and coniferous forests, as their main diet are pine needles.

Disturbing bright coloration of these caterpillars, the trunk of which is provided with longitudinal orange band and unpleasant to look at long hairs, clearly warns of the danger, and all those who want to get to know them.

Unfortunately, the instinct of self-preservation in children is underdeveloped, and domestic dogs he suppressed their incredible curiosity.

For this reason, the Ministry of health of Spain, where this year the emergence of caterpillars of a silkworm camp was not only much earlier than usual, but in huge quantities, has published a special press release. Spaniards urged to avoid prikosnovenii the tracks and make sure their not touching children and Pets.

“Touching the marching moth caterpillars can cause development in humans and domestic roboticaly dermatitis, eye damage and dangerous allergic reactions,” he said in an interview with several Spanish daily Newspapers Milagros Fernández de Leceta (Milagros Fernandez de Lezeta), Director of the Spanish Association for the fight against plant pests.

The main danger of the caterpillars of the pine moth is hidden in the hairs liberally covering all of their body: each hair contains a pungent substance called thaumetopoein. It is this substance can cause painful blisters on baby’s delicate skin, and in case of accidental contact with the hands to the mucous membrane of the eye thaumetopoein can cause severe conjunctivitis.

Dogs can lick dangerous hairs of the caterpillars from their clutches, in the process of licking. The hairs can get on the nose of a curious animal, trying to investigate the mysterious creature.

Poisoning dogs thaumetopoein accompanied by severe vomiting and the passage of foam from the jaws of the animal needs immediate veterinary care, otherwise without treatment it can die. Known many cases when after “Dating” the dogs with the marching caterpillars moth veterinarians had to amputate them the tongue and the nose.