The most intelligent dog breeds: name, description
The Chinese Shar Pei is a calm, confident dog with a different stubbornness and extraordinary loyalty to his family. This pet will need an experienced, assertive owner who will not…

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Veterinary drugs
Psittacosis (psittacosis) infectious disease of humans and birds caused by the intracellular microorganism Chlamydia psittaci . Chlamydia are killed when heated above 70 °C. In the external environment, the pathogen…

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Interesting tips for dog owners

Helpful tips to simplify those or other problems affect many areas of life. Today we want to share with you some tricks that will make caring for your four-legged friends a little easier.

1. Slings for dogs. Many dog owners like to take their Pets everywhere. But what if you go, for example, in the store, and you simply will be busy hands. The USA designer Shannon beach has solved this problem by developing its own model of sling for dogs, it can be worn over the shoulder, but the hands would free. The model has slits for the feet and even the pillow under the head of the animal.

2. Storage of dog food . Keep food four-legged friend can be in different containers: plastic jars, empty boxes. However, some companies began to produce even special kitchen furniture with holes for the dog bowls. Original, isn’t it? Moreover, a quality host will be able to redo a Cabinet with drawers to fit your needs.

3. The cleaning of the teeth . Not every dog likes to be brush my teeth. Therefore, if experiments with the brush was not successful, apply toothpaste on the toy and give the pet to chew.

4. Give the dog medication . You can make a special “pockets” for tablets: mix palcoscenico oil, a half Cup of milk and Cup of flour, one of them vyleplivat “pockets” and put in the freezer. Then if necessary put the pill inside and give to pet.

5. Treats for Pets . You can make Goodies for Pets. In particular, dried meat – chicken slugger, cut into strips. Grease a baking tray with oil, put it on the chicken pieces. Bake in the oven at a temperature of 90 degrees about 2 hours: they should be browned and crispy. They can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks. In the summer you can freeze in the freezer Apple slices in chicken broth – dogs also love them very much.

6. Remove odors . With rugs and carpets to remove stains and urine is possible by means of regular soda. For parquet or laminate is suitable vinegar diluted with water or bleach.

7. Balls and their use . If your dog eats very quickly, put in the center of the bowl a tennis ball. If your dog likes to chew on shoes or toys – just give her the ball from scraps of fabric.

8. Molt . Many animals moult very heavily, to remove the hair with the help of a vacuum cleaner doesn’t always happen, for these purposes, it is easier to use a rubber brush. Same with the upholstery of the furniture to remove hair, having moistened in water with a rubber glove.

9. Optimization of space . Will be much more convenient if all the things dogs will be kept in one place. For these purposes you can adapt an old shelf or cupboard unnecessary. So, it is convenient and ergonomic.

10. Useful tricks . If the dog chews on the wires, it should wipe them with bitter Apple spray. If you often transport your pet in the car, make him a special litter in the form of a hammock – and then cleaned the seat from wool do not have to.

11. Water procedures . On a hot day, a dog can bathe in an inflatable pool. In everyday life suitable and conventional basin: the dog that did not hit in the eye foam, you can use plastic caps. Shampoo is better to dilute with water – so it will be better to foam.

12. The scratching post . Dogs also know how to sharpen its claws: to make a scratching post at home is easy, for it is a solid sheet of plywood and sandpaper.

13. A dog’s tongue . Let we not understand that our four-legged friends, but only through body language can unravel if not their thoughts, then at least the intentions and mood.

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