How to Photograph your pet like a professional?

Advice from professional Photographers about the perfect Photos of their Pets.

Avoid staging Photos and simply give your pet the time to open a part of his personality.

Photographer Parker Smith: “Every dog is different and has its own rhythm of life. They are just like people. Therefore, the understanding of pet and the concentration will tune in to a beautiful Photo.”

Professional Photographer Nina Parker also conducts the first interview, allowing four-legged clients to relax and watch her and the equipment before you start shooting. She says: “First the animals are very excited, but eventually calm down and start behaving like in real life, lay down in a favorite chair or bed, be themselves.”

Patience plays important as when shooting Pets and kids photo shoots. If you want to photograph a pet with children, make sure that the child understands the safety rules of work with animals (for example: not grabbing the ears). Give everyone time to get comfortable and be prepared for the unexpected. Then place the magic shooting.

Photoshoot with puppies.

Instead of chasing kids around the house, prepare for them, a convenient location, such as: sofa, chair, cart or another option.Put the pups and take some time, so you will get a more advantageous moment for shooting when the animals will be relaxed or Vice versa too interested somehow.

Try to make shots closer to your pet.

Most people, seeing that the pet does something interesting or pretty, quickly take out the camera and start taking Photos. To get a good and interesting picture in action, try to step closer and get the frame at the level of your four-legged friend. This small change of perspective can give very great results in the end. Especially closeups of an animal can convey the exact emotions.

Smith: “It is the decision-making process, which you want to achieve. I do a lot of beautiful close-up portraits, because I really love the details of the whiskers and eyes.”

Your pet may be motivated by the Goodies. most importantly use them to their advantage. Also, like children, Pets may not be in the mood for shooting. Try not to force things, even with the favorite foods. Instead, focus on the emotional pleasure of a pet.

Keep the background simple .

Avoid active colors and patterns in the background that can compete with simple lines and colouring of your pet. Try photographing the background first, if you see a lot of distractions, your furry friend can get lost in the Photo.

Be careful while shooting outside the home .

Be careful when shooting in open spaces, any foreign animal may distract and attract your pet. Do not leave your dog without a leash, if there is a road, choose a place for a photo Shoot with a minimum of distractions.

Use light to your advantage.

All professionals believe that good lighting can make almost all the Photo. Scout, in search of well-lit places in your home, especially during dawn and dusk.

Smith: “Most people call the first hour of sunrise and last hour of sunlight in the evening “Golden hour”. It can be very beautiful and exciting. Some directions of light and the contrasts are not as cutting to squint, give excellent results shooting your Pets.”

Don’t forget about the light during the Shooting and in the middle of the day. You all saw the Pictures from squinting eyes or squint from the sun is too bright. It is better to choose the time when the sun is very close to the horizon – this will give Photos warmth and pleasant light to the eyes.

Cats have cats.

All Photographers agree that to get good Photos with the cat should make himself comfortable and watch, just waiting for the moment.

Lees: “Cats are great to Photograph them at home. If your pet has a favorite place where he likes to sit, try to move the seat closer to the window, so you get a nice soft white light. The shadows can be too dark, so use white fabric or poster, on the shady side, so the light could be reflected.”

All professional Photographers only work with heavy professional equipment, but have nothing against cameras from phones and tablets. Practice gives perfection. Unlike in the past with film sets, everything has become much easier and you don’t need to pay for the bad Photos, just click the button “Remove”.

Smith: “There are many ways to make good Photos that I use when shooting their Italian greyhounds, Gracie and Puccini. I shoot a lot of video and love to play with the apps in Instagram, capturing tiny memories.”


Try to begin shooting in portrait mode, it will create a shallow depth of field and a more assertive focus on the object, not the background. Recommend to work well in bright but not direct sunlight, this will limit the amount of hard shadows. Do not forget about a balance control custom light, it is of great importance.

Don’t forget to take your Camera or phone when spending time with your pet. It may so happen that when you play with your four-legged friend will be the perfect time for shooting, let at this time you will be able to use the camera.

We have tried to cover the highlights of how to Photograph your Pets. Hope that helped you.