Goat – use, keeping, breeding

The most unpretentious and very useful domestic animal . which contain capable and old and small, not to mention a large family. Goat feed where a cow will starve.

Rowdy character? We all like our animals domashnie, can buck.

Smart goat it will replace the service dog. And add to this by supplying milk, tasty cheese.

To start is to decide: to buy a young goat or dairy goat already. Each option has its pros and cons. Since we purchased a two month goat (the usual “rustic” breeds), we will consider this variant optimal and to tell about it.

Cute animal spent the whole day crying for mom, but then calmed down, getting used to their new environment. Fun galloping Hand in the garden-the vegetable garden, entertain us with tricks. But. all good things come to an end: a broken and stubby bushes and trees, trampled down the beds forced to take action – to wear a collar and tie.

Grew up on the outskirts of the village, accustomed to freedom goat the first two days of lunging with a leash, then used. And for the future we have made a note: the Arrow will appear at the baby – literally from the first day should be accustomed to the collar, a little later – to a leash.

Feed for goats in the summer is no problem: the weeds from the garden are eaten with appetite. As a treat the branches of trees and shrubs. Water. Well put stone-lick, as needed salt, chalk.

Immediately have to start preparing for winter: one of the barns to give kozyatnyk: windproof, preferably with a window, with electric lighting and supplementary lighting for short winter days. Goats tolerate a temperature drop even to below zero at (minus 5-10 degrees), so in our area (the South of Odessa region) heating is not even available.

In winter favorite, the goat didn’t go hungry, but it was enough – due to my own efforts, in the summer, harvest the twigs and hay. Brooms can be knit from any of the branches of the trees, but especially tasty for animals willow.

The crop is dried under cover, then gather in the sheaves, stored in bags.

Dried in the shade (under a canopy) twigs two weeks a pile – up in the attic, in sennick

If the color of the dried plant remains green (and so it should be drying in the shed), so they remained useful vitamins.

In the cold season nice to still show a goat to get some fresh air :). walling vygonochnye territory or just tied to the peg.

Puberty goats reach to 7-8 months. In villages usually at the same time reduce them to the goat, although the vets recommended after 1.5 years. When the Arrow was 9 months, “netted” us a hornless goat with French genes – Sir – its the same age. Kept them in the same room, and happened Deposit sastva.