If you are tired of dogs and cats. Overview of exotic Pets: the Fox-Fennec Fox, skunk, wombat, raccoon
Salvador Dali . as you know, loved to shock the audience. One day he bought himself an anteater and since then, everywhere I went with this anteater on posadochka. Together…

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Kefir in the diet of Pets
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Dog breeds small size

The majority of single or elderly people prefer to create for himself a dog, small in size. Such dogs are often called room or pocket. Despite its size, they would be a great companion to its master and will bravely defend him in case of danger. They are suitable for apartment buildings and do not require special care.

The Australian Terrier is one of the most small dogs. They are used as guard, herding dogs or hunting a wild animal during hunting. The Australian Terrier has a small stature and strong Constitution, very brave dog, proud, hard-working, are faithful and loyal to their owners. Despite the courage and boldness, this is a very gentle, friendly and intelligent animals.

Dog breeds border Terriers are often used in working and hunting purposes. This is a very bold and strong dogs that Salavatsteklo and endurance. The animals love care and attention, so leave them at home alone is very dangerous, because they might be offended or loud and prolonged barking and whining.

The Brussels Griffon is a very intelligent, sensitive, curious, and cheerful dog. It requires the owners attention, but with the same devotion and love for him. Doesn’t need hours of lessons and physical activity, but like all domestic dogs, loves to chew and damage furniture, clothes and barking.

Miniature Dachshund is by far one of the most popular breeds in the world. These Pets are long and fairly muscular body, though the legs are too short. With regard to the nature, they are very brave little dogs, alert, curious and pretty smart. Quickly get used to new owners and are loyal.

Despite the fact that the breed of the Coton de tulear is not officially recognized, the dogs still are very popular among those who want to buy room Pets. Under a lush wool is a small but sturdy body. Dogs of this breed are very cheerful, noisy, fussy, love to jump, play, potawot. They have a lovely scent, and even at a great distance can smell the intruder, and alert barking.

Dog breeds miniature Pinscher is very energetic, active, alert, muscular, have a fairly sturdy limb. There are two varieties of this breed are red and black and tan. Their coat is short, tight to the body, shiny and smooth. With regard to the nature, the animals are intelligent enough, you quickly get used to the owners but distrustful of strangers.

Breed Lhasa Apso was bred by Tibetan monks. Dogs of this breed have an elongated body and long hair covering the entire body and even a little face. They have a very developed sense of smell and hearing, can hear the most distant sounds. But despite a number of positive qualities that are aggressive to children, so most people are afraid to purchase dogs of this breed.

Breed toy Fox Terrier is considered the most active and agile, easy to train, dogs are very easily attached to the hosts. If left alone for a long time, they may become discouraged and bored. However, they are confident, fearless and not so easy to scare.

Gryphon – breed dogs and three varieties.

Russian toy-Terrier belongs to the breed of decorative dogs, among which there are both longhaired and smooth-haired. This small, very agile dogs, they have a high foot, thin skeleton and dry muscles.

The Chihuahua is the smallest and oldest breed in the world. Most interesting is that all dogs of this breed differ from each other and not similar, each of them was individual. Despite the fact that they have small and fragile body, they are quite muscular and energetic. This is a very loyal dog, even though not attached they are to all family members.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular indoor dogs, small in size. The whole body, including the face, covers a long straight coat. Animals are very elegant, with proud carriage. Despite their compact size, they are very bold, curious and persistent.

Pomeranian are small dogs tiny size. Otherwise they are called dwarf Spitz. Despite its size, dogs are very arrogant and cocky, smart, and easy to learn quickly, adapt to changing conditions. However, very loyal and sympathetic, but his master did not recognize anyone.

The Japanese chin is a decorative doggy, fluffy and light on weight. The character is very docile, obedient, sociable, but would not give the master of the offense. They are fearless and not afraid of any other animals.

Breed Maltese different from other incredibly white and long hair. The nature of dogs is very lively and affectionate, they are easy to command, fond of outdoor games at the expense of curiosity and interest.

The Bichon Frise is a French breed of dog, very cheerful, playful, active and brave. Although it is difficult, they still easily find common language with their hosts.

Small short-haired dog – the Australian Terrier, the Italian Bolognese, cavapoo, the Cockapoo, cavachon, affen Pinscher, country house.

And small dogs for apartments are the most popular breed Chihuahua, Coton de tulear, Bolognese, volpino-Italiano, Norwich Terrier, Russian Tsvetnaya bolonka. These dogs love the comfort of home, very quickly attached to owners who constantly follow them, asking on hands, is not averse to bark and play with family members.