What you need to know when choosing a parrot

Parrot – are extremely affectionate, sociable and undemanding pet. When you select it from the pet store, try to pay attention to the animal that showed interest in you. If your home has enough free space, can have several pairs of feathered friends. Parrots hate to be alone and prefer the company. Before buying buy for birds spacious cage, but if you are going to buy a few Pets of large size, it is necessary to acquire a spacious open-air cage. However, birds that are in the pack, is amenable to learning and training much harder than singles.

Ideal for flats would be to buy a feathered pet friends. If such was not, when choosing to use the advice of specialists or Amateurs with experience. It is advisable to buy a bird at a pet store and not in the poultry market. It is best to buy a young parrot at the age of six weeks, as the young bird will be easier to get used to a new host and change the situation. In addition, young parrots learn much faster and tamed. To determine the age of the birds easily. If her eyes around the dark iris is a young budgie. With age, its iris will be lighter. Much more difficult to determine the age of a parrot by its colors. With the number of years drawing on the back of the head and becomes less distinct, and becomes brighter the beak, and the plumage becomes brighter.

Zdorovaia has dense plumage, lack the bare places, the voice is clear and cheerful, she had wild eyes, dry nostrils, breathing normal, and under the tail should not be dried excrement. You should pay attention to the wings. They should only come together in one place. If you haven’t noticed, the bird was traumatized or skeleton incorrectly developed. Before buying a pet is not superfluous to study his behavior. Check how he moves, opens his beak and eyelids.

If you decide to buy a budgerigar, you should know that of the birds that can learn mimic speech, extraordinary abilities have green parrots. Scientists have proven that white parrots in General have lost the ability to reproduce human speech. It should be remembered that males can be taught to speak faster than females. The boys are able to fill and play difficult phrases, to learn a few thousand words. The female budgerigar skin pinkish tint, and the male is bluish. During molting females the cere color can change from brown to blue.