10 reasons to start a home Fox

In recent times more and more people began to have foxes as Pets and keep them at home. Someone attract foxes themselves, as very beautiful and graceful animals, some just want something exotic. Actually Fox can be kept at home, but, like all animals, they have their own characteristics. What? Will now describe.

1. Chanterelles are almost like little dogs.

In accordance with biological classification foxes are canids or dog family. In its kinship to these animals as close to the dogs, wolves and coyotes. Many of the habits of the Fox will seem very familiar if you have ever kept a dog at home. For example Fox exactly wag their tails when happy or want to play.

2. Chanterelles are almost like cats.

Despite its biological belonging to a canid, in the character of the home has a lot Fox and cat. For example, foxes and cats, really love to play in boxes. But even a Fox can be trained to poop in a tray, like a cat.

3. Foxes are perfectly trainable.

Another similarity with dogs is a good disposition to learning and training. Fox can quite easily be trained to walk on a leash using a collar, preferably a harness. If you have had experience training dogs, with a Fox, you certainly will not experience any difficulties.

4. Fox practically omnivorous.

Home foxes easily adapt to any type of food. Usually in the diet of the Fox home include high quality food, initially provided for dogs. But it is appropriate to Supplement with fruit, berries and vegetable set. Ideally, in food for foxes must be such products that, by their composition may resemble the food of wild animals from the canine family. However, you need to avoid feeding bones and raw fish so will not have problems with digestion.

5. Foxes love warmth and care.

Like other more familiar Pets, foxes love warmth and care, so they need to be handled with warmth and love. Fox devoted Pets, if they see that they appropriately belong, and in reply will say the same. You don’t hit or yell at the animals, if they did something wrong, you can shame them just a little.

6. Chanterelles do not tolerate loneliness.

Living under the same roof, they are perfectly find common language with other animals, if any in the house. Despite the fact that the Fox is by nature a predatory animal, it can live with a puppy or kitten as a cat with a favorite Krysko, or a parrot. There are cases where dogs and cats took custody of the little cubs, and fed them with her milk next to their toddlers.

7. Fox loves the owner.

They say that cats become attached to the place, and dogs to humans. Now chanterelles also have great affection for the owner. Of course, provided that you will be able to build a spiritual relationship with your pet.

8. The Fox was successfully domesticated.

These experiments were carried out in the USSR. In the late 1950’s at the state level has undertaken a programme aimed at the domestication of black and red foxes. Scientist Dmitry Belyaev worked at the Novosibirsk Institute of Cytology and genetics, when I made this experiment on foxes special coloring is silver — black. The experiments came to light breed, perfectly adapted to life with man.

9. Foxes love of the game.

To play with Lisa as often as possible, only to constantly make sure that games were not aggressive and did not involve struggle, for example, “pulling the rag”. Otherwise, Fox won’t feel the limits of aggression and in the midst of the fight can attack. Is quite suitable for games such as “bring thrown the ball”, “find the hidden thing” or “catch the mouse”. As a typical “Fox toy” it’s best to not use dog and cat sets. In the complex, all these activities are needed to keep your Fox healthy and happy.

10. Foxes need your attention.

The key to the success of domestication of the Fox, is the amount of time you spend with her. The more attention you can devote to your pet, the more peaceful, affectionate and attached to you he will. Although, this is true for almost any pet.