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Clever dogs — what breed are they?
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Pets reptiles and care for them

More in fashion a homemade reptile. Many decide to purchase them in spite of their exoticism. Unusual care is that Pets are cold-blooded. The owners see they have a lot of advantages. They do not fade, do not eat flowers on the window sill . do not meow in the spring under the Windows and chewing on home furniture. Many of them hibernate, and for this period the withdrawal is minimized. And affection to the owners they also have.

Some care needs home reptile . What to feed her?

Trendy terrarium and its features

If You go to the pet store is unlikely to find there on sale crocodiles or sea turtles. Usually the buyer offering the cold-blooded, cared for simple. Sometimes offer individuals who have been caught in the wild, but their few risk to get. It is better to get a reptile that grew up in the home, because it will be easier to adapt.

How to care for them? What are Pets reptiles and care for them?

Let’s start with nutrition. It is for different species will differ. There is only one recommendation.

Make the food as diverse as possible. Also better to know how they were fed before, and some time to follow the usual pet traditions.

Usually Pets-reptiles rekomenduotumet food. Theoretically this is correct. Green iguana or pet turtles readily eat this dish, but the lizards or snakes of large size this will not be enough. And even if you add in the menu of the flies, worms, spiders and other nutritious insects, animals can stay hungry.

Features of a food for reptiles

What to eat large cold-blooded? Rats and hamsters. However, they need large portions that are served infrequently. Reptiles are warm-blooded long enough to digest. They have to catch or buy in stores. Many people buy reptiles a little less, knowing that they feed on the available food. Insects are caught in the cottages and in city conditions, it does not require a cash outlay.

Many owners ignore the interests of Pets. They are included in the menu iguanas and monitor lizards meat, which they buy in stores. This can be liver and veal, fish. I must say that a lot depends on what was fed cold-blooded before. Pet has to adapt quickly enough.

What else is important besides food? Walk Pets. You can let them walk. And can be put in a cage. It is also important to monitor the health. If you take a pet in hand, he must show a reaction. Sluggish cold-blooded animal is an alarming symptom. If it went into hibernation, we must respond.