How to protect yourself in the woods from a wild animal? Advice from experienced tourists

Going into the woods for a walk or hunting, picking berries, mushrooms or just relaxing in a beautiful “deep” part of nature, it must be remembered that in these places you can suddenly meet a wild animal. The most important thing – that you should always be mentally prepared, but to avoid serious problems incurred by such a meeting will help a few simple tips.

Note that wild animals living in our forests, do not consider the person as the object of his hunt, or just because, no reason, never attack. This can happen only if the people themselves will provoke the beast your wrong actions.

How to avoid encounters with wild animals in the forest

Before describing the algorithm of actions when meeting with a wild animal, I would like to say a few words about what this rendezvous possible, it is best to avoid. This may help in some tips that gave us one experienced traveler:

• When moving through the woods, avoid areas overgrown with tall grass and thick bushes, these are the “day” of the wild beast. If you saw the animal from a distance – in any case do not approach him, do not make noise and walk around it carefully, observing as large as the distance;

• Moving through the forest the group, you need to publish more sounds to perekrikivayutsya, sing and talk freely– a loud noise will cause the animal to circumvent your company party;

• Immediately leave the place where you discovered new-born animals, do not approach them and remember that their mother is somewhere nearby. To protect their offspring she will attack without hesitation.

How to be if a wild animal was in your way? There are some basic rules of conduct in this situation, you need to remember going into the woods.

What to do when encountering a wild beast in the forest

The most common forest animals, which can be fraught with unpleasant consequences, it was a wolf, boar and bear. Consider what to do in case of a sudden collision with each of these fauna.

1. If the beast suddenly appeared right in front of you, do not panic and do not run – the bear, despite its apparent clumsiness, very fast animal and run away will not work. Do not try to hide from him on the tree, the animal can easily get out there.

2. Try to remain calm and slowly step back, not turning to the beast back. A loud scream to summon help, raise your hands, taking them in a jacket or sweater – it will increase your “size” and will help chase away the beast.

1. When dealing with this animal do not attempt to run away from him, it’s useless. Don’t look into the eyes of wolf and holler, he perceives it as a threat or challenge.

2. Cautiously go back again, facing the beast. Try to climb the nearest tree is the best solution when meeting with the wolf, as he will not be able to get you there – and wait for the animal will go far enough.

3. If the beast is still attacking you, to set forward the arm (it is desirable to have time to wrap her jacket or sweater) for the wolf grabbed it, and with the other hand apply it blows in your nose or eyes is the most sensitive place on the body of the predator.

1. This is a very cautious animal, and when meeting a person for the boar tries to minimize and hide in the thicket. The main danger may be a wounded animal or a female with cubs.

2. The boar is a very fast beast and escape difficult. Climb up the tree and deter him by throwing him from the top branches or the contents of his pockets. The difference between a wild boar from the wolf that he will not wait, beside you, and almost immediately leave.

3. The beast is afraid of a sharp and loud cry, noise, or whistling, such sounds cause him panic, and the boar runs away.

A few words in conclusion

So, we have listed possible variants of behaviour when dealing with the most dangerous wild animals that inhabit our forest. Remember:

• When meeting with a wild animal, try not to lose composure and do not panic. Animals are very good at sensing the emotional state of a person;

• If the animal attacked you, use a defense to any solid object: a knife, a stick, a stone, etc. If he threw you to the ground – try to regroup, maximum protect inner organs, and strike in the most vulnerable places on the animal’s body – eyes, throat and nose;

• Going into the woods, always take a means that can scare the beast. This can be a simple whistle, mosquito spray or a can of pepper spray;

• Excellent protection from attack “forest people” are noise or starting pistols. Air gun may also help you out when dealing with wild animals. Let his charges and will not inflict fatal wounds to the beast, but they will be quite sensitive even with the thick skin of the animal. The advantage of this weapon is that its acquisition and possession does not require a special permit, and the cost of these guns is perfectly acceptable.

Summarizing these data we can conclude – going into the woods, remember – this is the home for animals and behave there need to be very careful. And last – when meeting with a wild predator, regardless of its size, appearance and behavior, know are strong, powerful and formidable opponent, and his behavior unpredictable. Only the restraint and composure will help to stand in opposition to it, and these tips will add to your confidence in your own abilities.