Shooting is allowed. Tips for beginners.

Pets have almost in every house, they give us the joy of communication, become members of our family. Pets interested in Photographing and experienced Photographers in honing their skills, and children who are just starting to Photograph.

When shooting indoors

Select a plain background, because the contrasting background is very distracting sight or it will be hard to notice an animal on it. Material background must be matte to avoid glare from the flash. Make sure the background fills the frame and, even if the animal will move, the shot will not be a part of the room.

If your Camera included built-in flash, don’t shoot at very close range, in this case, you may get glare muzzle, red eyes and rather large distortion. The flash can also startle the animal.

Light the subject and background additional lamps.

Move the background further away, in this case, there will be hard shadows.

If you have only one built-in flash to avoid shadows can be doing only horizontal shots when the flash is just above your eyes. In this case, the shadow will be exactly for your pet. If you are doing a vertical shot, the flash is sideways and is reflected on the wall background.

If you have the opportunity ispolzovatblizhny the flash, aim it at the ceiling or use diffusers of light.

Shoot the animal in a familiar place for him. Pet will not be nervous and photos will be natural. The interior is also ideal for shooting, for example, a cat can imposingly lounging in your favorite chair.

You know your pet better than others, watch him, PrimeSite interesting poses and moments, and stock up on favorite toys to attract attention, use interesting props.

When shooting on the street

When shooting an animal on the floor or on the ground squat down to eye level with your pet, then you will not break the proportions.

Don’t shoot against the light. Or use the flash to illuminate the subject.

Go into the shade or wait until the sun is behind the cloud. When shooting in ambient light will not be harsh shadows on your pet.

Put the animal away from trees, bushes. In this case, the emphasis will be on the pet and the background will be slightly blurred.

When shooting an animal in motion set single frame mode. If you shoot in manual modes, the shutter speed needs to be

1/250 sec or shorter.

Look at the images, analyze failed. If the shot hit something or did he get red eyes, use the graphic editors. You can correct brightness and contrast, color, and paint something that will make the shot more original.