The largest domestic cats

You may have already seen these beautiful, large, fluffy pet cats, which breed called “Maine Coon”. This native breed of cat, which originates in North America. Initially, these cats were used on farms, which were located in the area, exclusively for catching mice. Actually, it is quite hardy, agile, fast, and most importantly good-natured cats. They were excellent hunters and Pets. This breed got its name in the nineteenth century. Maine coons even got a nickname (“Maine raccoons”), for his long and fluffy tail.

So today the Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. It really is quite a big cat, weight which can be more than ten pounds. Maine coons are very similar to the external data lynx. Indeed, they also have the characteristic ears of the brush, and the movements and some habits, the Maine Coon is more like it is the wild cat of the week home. Very often the Maine Coon cats confused with a reed and called them Coon cats.

If we talk about the history of the emergence of this breed, it is rather vague. There are many theories and assumptions about this breed. However, the most likely and plausible yet is the assumption that Maine coons were savaseniorcare very long time on the territory of America from Asia (it was really long time ago, long before humans invented the registration of animals, by the way, therefore, to trace the history of the breed and is so difficult).

If we talk about the development of kittens the Maine Coon, it is somewhat slower than other breeds of cat, the maturity of the Maine Coon comes in only four years. At this age they become affectionate, friendly and loyal giants of the world of cats. Immediately it is worth noting that Maine coons get along with all members of your family, and even with other Pets – both dogs and cats, but rodents will have to take care of oneself, because as already mentioned, initially, the Maine Coon was a hunter of mice and rats, therefore, the instincts remain. From the first day of stay in the new house, the cat breed Maine Coon will try to win the love of new owners, become part of a new family, and will try to avoid any conflict or any unpleasant situations.

As we have said, the distinguishing feature of cats of breed the Maine Coon is their weight (reception considerable, both for domestic cats!). on average their is about ten pounds, but there are also special representatives of the breed, true “giants”, weighing up to fifteen pounds. Despite the fact that the cat is the Maine Coon are heavier and a little bigger than the cats, the character they have almost exactly the same, and if there is some differences, they are quite small. In General, cats of this breed are extremely stable, calm and kind, despite its impressive size. Voice cats of this breed is very pleasant and quite loud, they even more do not meow like regular cats, just murlychet, that is quiet and emits short vibrating sounds that does not correspond to their appearance and sheer size. If you look at the standard of cats of breed Maine-Coon, there you can read the following information. This strong and muscular cats, which have a rectangular body and strong legs, their square muzzle, large ears with tassels on the ends. Maine coons also have a fairly long bushy tail, which should get directly to the shoulders of the animal. Maine coons have large round, bright enough to the eye, and their color is most often green or Golden. As for wool, it is soft and thick, and while still waterproof. The coat should lengthen the abdomen and shoulders. Color of Maine coons can be very diverse, you could even say that almost anyone, the exception may be the color of the Siamese color-point. This color to be a Maine Coon. If we are burning about animals that get into the exhibition class, the cases, disqualification is possible if the animal has a fairly light build, he has a squint, and the hair on all parts of the body have the same length.

In appearance, the Maine Coon can catch up a little bit of fear, he may seem very aggressive, or simply wild animals, though in fact all this is absolutely not true. As for the content of the Maine Coon at home, it should be noted that they fit like no other. So, you should not have any health problems of your pet, and behave they will be quite correct it is a quite aggressive breed of cats. Thus, the difference in the contents of the apartment of the Maine Coon and other normal cats just yet. They are very clean, and his great coat is quite able to follow on their own. But despite this, they still need to comb, at least to molt faster and more simple. You will be quite enough to groom the cat once a week (during molting have to do a little more often).

If you keep a Maine Coon in the apartment, you do not need to fear because of its impressive size it will cling and throw, actually these cats are very agile, so damage to your property will not cause. On the contrary, they are for sleeping and relaxing will be to choose a completely unexpected place and posture in which they love to sleep causes a huge smile on the face of the owner.

The Maine Coon will be your great companion, he will be able to make friends and to find a common language with all members of your family. And this applies to children, if children will not cause them pain, the Maine Coon will be fine to play with them.

As if we haven’t talked about what to include Maine coons simple and the particular difficulties it will cause you will, anyway, do not forget that they, somehow, remain a cat. Therefore, you will need to find him a place to toilet, and to give him a personal order a special column on which the cat can sharpen their claws (unless of course you don’t want to suffer your furniture!).

Maine – Coon is a wonderful cat, to the habits and games which you can observe for a very long time. These cats have good health from nature, they are absolutely not a picky eater. They are active, curious and friendly. And for a very long time, they will stay as playful and affectionate kittens.