What animal have hay fever

In the house of every man there is a place for animals. And even people with allergies do not need to deny yourself the pleasure of having four-legged friend, the main thing is to make the right choice. It turns out that there are many hypoallergenic animals, problems which do not arise even in the most “sensitive” owners.

For those who love our smaller brothers are allergic to them can be a real tragedy. In fact, besides sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and itching in the worst cases, an Allergy to Pets can result in asthma, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. And if to beat allergies is not possible, there is only one way — to part with a family pet, resting in his good hands. But all is not lost: there are animals that do not cause allergies. As a rule, no trouble occurs even in the most “sensitive” owners.

Dogs and cats for Allergy sufferers

The main symptom of Hypo-allergenic animals — absence of the coat. Among the most famous hairless dog — Mexican hairless and Chinese crested. Plus, a lot of bald animals. First, because of the lack of wool (and therefore shedding) pet less carries the “contagion” in the apartment, secondly, on the animal accumulates significantly less dust. However, there is one “but”: hairless animals bellipotent and unlike shaggy fellow faster “zaselyalsya”, but because they need to bathe more often.

Another group of species, representatives of which practically do not cause allergies — is wire-haired and short-haired animals. Most Terriers and Schnauzers, despite the rather thick and long hair, almost do not fade. Do not shed Portuguese water dog, bullet, shit-zu. One of the safest breeds for people with allergies include poodles. Besides if to accustom your pet to regular visits to the “salon”, the number of allergens in the house can be reduced to zero. In addition, when choosing hypoallergenic dogs importance is size: the less surface of the body of the dog, the fewer allergens it produces.

You must remember that it is very dangerous for people with allergies saliva of animals, so from the list of potential four-legged friends need to immediately exclude dogs with flews (droopy lips) and increased salivation such as FILA, Mastiff, great Dane and others.

As for cats, the most popular of the hairless breeds, the Sphynx or the cat-shock. Also good friends with allergies can be a Cornish Rex and Devon Rex are different short hair.

Despite all precautions and recommendations, you need to remember that allergies to animals is a thing treacherous and unpredictable, and not always it challenges you to find a logical explanation. Sometimes the person is covered by a rash in the society is a bald Sphynx, but it feels great next to the Persian or Siberian cat.

Small Pets for Allergy sufferers

And yet, what if the appearance of the house dog or cat not the issue at all? What living being can to “register” in the apartment? If we exclude birds — parrots, Canaries and other song birds, feather and down which are a breeding ground for dust mites dangerous allergen, then you can think about aquarium fish (unless, of course, is not allergic to food for them), turtles, and reptiles, like the lizard or chameleon. They do not sweat, do not fade, do not lick themselves and do not spread allergens. However, these allergenic creatures need good care, because the wet wood and foliage in the terrarium can become a trigger for breeding of fungi that also cause allergic reaction.

However, if “cold” create a do not like, you can get another pet — warm, soft and lovely. For example, the chinchilla .

Scientists have proved absolute hypoallergenic chinchillas: they have almost no sebaceous glands, sweat glands, they do not shed. While chinchillas are the perfect Pets — friendly, active, emotional. The only problem in the content chinchilla can become nocturnal and hyperactivity what is the difference between most rodents.

Among domesticated rodents and there are other representatives, which can be safely recommend for Allergy sufferers. For example, bald Guinea pigs. Several years ago these unusual animals were considered exotic, but now they are found in many homes, although still much more expensive than their “dressed” counterparts.

Bald Guinea pig

Among hairless pigs look like little hippos, there breeds the Baldwin and skinny. Unlike the Baldwins are born and wool on 5-6 day shed hair, skinny jeans immediately are born hairless. Adults skinny is a little conspicuous fluff length of less than 1 mm, by which they seem velvety. In addition, they have a small amount of hair on the legs and muzzle. Care for hairless Guinea pigs is the same as for ordinary. However, the feed they require in excess of: the hairless rodents the body spends more energy on heating.

In recent years the popularity and are becoming bald rats — bald from tip of nose to tip of tail. They are also called rat-Sphinx. Rats are very intelligent animals, no wonder even say, if it is not possible to have a dog or a cat, you should get a rat. Hairless rats, like their ordinary counterparts, can distinguish family members from strangers, responding to the nickname, to get on hands or shoulders.

Unlike hairless rats, hairless mice are found among Pets so far. The complete absence of hair makes these little creatures even more touching. Besides genetically bald mice devoid of aggression and fear of man — they trust people and always try to be closer to the body of the host, will certainly want to climb on hands and bask in the warm palm.

As you can see, in every person’s home can be a place for animals. And even people with allergies do not need to deny yourself the pleasure of having four-legged friend, the main thing is to make the right choice. Also Pets treat many illnesses. than can bring their owners many benefits.