Useful tips for cat owners

Thinking about how to get a cat? And can be in your house already settled this fluffy creation and are willing to learn about it something new? In this case our useful tips you will find very relevant, because they will allow you to learn what you may have not heard.

How to properly care for kittens

Most often people take the kittens 2-3 months old, but if you happen to be the owner of a small kitten, be ready to give it their full attention. Newborn kittens need to feed every couple of hours during the day and the first two weeks have to get up at night.

Give him fresh milk low fat in a sterile bottle with a nipple. Please note that kittens should not be fed forcibly, and with a pipette, as it can choke on the milk that will later lead to pneumonia.

After your pet it will be a month gradually add in its menu unsalted meat, but only very gradually, otherwise the kitten may have problems with a chair. When the difficulties with feeding meat diet stops can be safely add to the diet other food in pureed chicken, cereals and low fat dairy products. Note that fatty foods, in principle, undesirable in the diet of cats, it can easily cause the obesity of internal organs.

Than startactivity kitten is becoming more diverse menu. Finally, you can add nonfat sour cream and cheese. Keep in mind that if you feed the kitten, and natural food and purchase dog food, you need to leave a gap between eating in a few hours.

Food adult cats

Veterinarians recommend a diet for your adult pet, so that it is about a third consisted of lean meat, and the remaining two-thirds of dairy products, cereals and vegetables. Your cat should always be available fresh clean water to drink.

A couple of times a week can feed your pet eggs, but not often otherwise contained in the protein Biotin will lead to excessive moulting. A great option for frequent feeding are grains, especially buckwheat and rice. Do not neglect boiled vegetables, drinking them frequently will contribute to a better the digestive system of your pet.

In addition, you can give cats vitamins, but not those that people take and special, which you can find at any pet store.

If you want to transfer your pet’s dry food, keep in mind that the cheap varieties contain virtually no meat in composition but full of various harmful additives and substitutes. So either feed the cat natural food, or will have to fork out for expensive feeds.

So, what you can not give the pet? Let’s see.

It is surprising, but it is not necessary to include fish in the diet of cats, because it contains good digestible protein, providing greater load on the kidneys, and as a result you may experience kidney stones. Because of the high fat content, eliminate the pork altogether. Hercules can disrupt carbohydrate metabolism, which will cause problems with the liver. Heavy bean should be removed, they can lead to constipation.

In addition many people like to give food from our table, but it is extremely harmful to animals. In our diet is dominated by fried, salted, pickled food, sweets, and all this oversaturated artificial additives and preservatives. If our bodies and have adapted to that kind of food then the cats, it can cause many serious diseases.

Spaying and neutering

Many people believe that sterilizing an animal is wrong and cruel, but you will still need to periodically suppress the emerging libido and constant hormonal pills are unlikely to be useful for your pet.

Spayed cats can since I was eight years old, although sometimes operations are performed before. Whether your cat is ripe for the procedure – you can ask the vet. Before surgery you should not feed your cat within a few hours, and after that be prepared not to deviate from pet at least a day. It is important that the cat is by their actions, hurts themselves and not hurt the joints.

As for the cats, neutering is usually a little later than neutering cats, because the urethra should become sufficiently developed before surgery. Advice after the procedure, similar to the Soviets after the operation cats – make sure that the wound healed without the intervention of a careless owner.

Wool by combing stimulates blood flow to the skin and prevents unwanted tangling of the coat. In addition, the smaller cat when washing will swallow their own fur, the less it will cough and to feel the urge to vomit. To help with any discomfort in the stomach will help the grass. The cat just brushed a couple times a week.

Toilet training

Of course the kitten learning to use the toilet depends largely on the parents. If it was already accustomed to the manners of a home cat, it can pass on their experience to the little kitty. But if the kitten was taken in very young age or his parents were wild cats, the burden of learning falls on you as owners.

Remember, the tray should be small, just count on an adult cat, because if you keep changing the trays as the kitten grows up, he will not be able to identify the right “place”. It is known that Cauchy in the nature bury their “business” in the ground. And in today’s world there are a clumping cat litter that clean smell and allows the kitten to quietly rummage through it.

If you are still unsure whether to get a kitten, think about how in addition to hassle your new pet will bring to your home joy, love and comfort!

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