If you are tired of dogs and cats. Overview of exotic Pets: the Fox-Fennec Fox, skunk, wombat, raccoon

Salvador Dali . as you know, loved to shock the audience. One day he bought himself an anteater and since then, everywhere I went with this anteater on posadochka. Together they went for a walk, attended the evening and even had dinner in the restaurant. Dali, you could say, was one of the founders of the fashion keep exotic Pets.

By the way, the anteaters being very friendly. They love to flirt, play with the owner, happily licking a friendly outstretched hand with his long tongue. To purchase the anteater today is no longer considered an act of extreme extravagance. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive today.

Let’s see . what other exotic animals can be kept at home. Just note that for the review we took only such pupils, which can be kept in the apartment. Of course, many people want a beautiful white kangaroo Wallaby Bennett, but such a carcass (height at the withers reaches a meter or more) need to contain in a special cage, also far outside the city, where it will not frighten the strange noises. Yes and many pygmy Hippo brings a lot of joy, but he needs a pool of water of a certain temperature, which have to constantly maintain at the desired level. In General, it’s all entertainment for the very wealthy, even the rich. We’re rassmotrennykh animals, which, for all its exoticism, not causing problems with your own content in the apartment or in the extreme case – of a private house.

Chanterelle-Fenech . This is perhaps the most expensive, rare, but the most fascinating creature of all whom only it is possible today to purchase. However, “possible” is a stretch, since today, Fenech still in short supply. This adorable lop-eared very socially.And Fenech is very unpretentious, but very eager for the master’s attention. Can even Wake you up at three in the morning your squeaky barking, if they find that you have not paid attention to them.

They are fins, build cute little faces, funny moving his huge ears. Love to move, so walk a Fox will often. While walking, the Fox will have to wear, they do not tolerate very low temperatures and the common cold can easily die.

To get Fenech – a great success. In the free market today, they appear very rarely, and when, it cost a lot of money. But don’t worry: their popularity definitely will soon lead to the fact that they will be much more and they will cost much cheaper.

Skunk . Tell someone that decided to have a skunk and, most likely, the answer will be puzzled looks. Because we all know that skunks are one of the most natural “stink”. Well, skunk stink is not in itself, but only the glands that are activated at the point of attack or defense. To remove these glands does not cause work modern competent surgeon, and then a skunk becomes fit for keeping in the home.

They often become loyal friends to his master, though not very like to appear from its burrow during the day. Skunks come to life at night, but for the majority of modern city dwellers this is not a problem – they live by night. Skunks are very beautiful and they have nice fur.

Wombat . If you live in a private house, then you might consider purchasing a wombat. The photoshopped pics with a funny wombat today, all filled the Internet space. Wombats are really very, very comical look. But we should not lose vigilance – wombat is a very strong animal, his sharp and strong claws. Even completely unintentionally, wombat can cause deep and painful cuts.

But wombats are tamed very easily and be long remembered of his master. They even belong to the category “animal companion”. But it is a very active companion. The wombats don’t like to sit. and love to dig. Digging wombats everywhere and always, so be prepared for the fact that their own digging up the land with the purchase of wombat do not have to.

Raccoon . These animals are also experiencing the peak of popularity. All thanks to their amazing intelligence. More recently, humankind has discovered that the raccoon is the list of some of the most intelligent animals. Jitrenka raccoons trying in so many ways, but the result invariably produce what they want. Unagi raccoons are born thieves, they know how to cooperate and work together to get something that, seemingly, suspended in full for them out of reach.

Maybe you remember, in a popular disney movie was such a character – a raccoon, a black blindfold, they was a thief and a villain. But real raccoons are not villains, they are very social, love to copy the behavior of the owners, to imitate. If you wash your hands, for example, a curious raccoon may also have such a habit: to run to the sink and shove a jet of water under their grasping hands. Seeing as the owner repairing the car, raccoon can also get under the car, lie on your back and start with smart look and feel the part. In General, they do not soskuchishsya.

However, you must remember . not all animals are suitable for keeping at home. It is very important to understand because today in the pursuit of extravagance, many factories are dangerous and unsuitable for domestic animals. And it often ends as a calamity. Before buying any extravagant pet, no harm will be familiar with the recommendations on its content. And, if the animal is not recommended for content in the home, it is not necessary to play the trainer and get a similar problems on his head.