Someone to have a child?

How are You “in the subject.” Puzzled for a second week, who is the daughter to buy. Try to find a compromise. She asked the dog, but like to imagine our grandmother on a walk with the ever elusive and running somewhere daughter, dog imagination Doris (and nausicca she is a grandmother!), so once you understand the puppy to us yet. Turns 6-7 years, then. A turtle daughter does not agree. Hamster we don’t want – torment the poor man! Kitty? With cats in our family the relationship is not working somehow. Yes and a lot of colours, because eat, what not eat, with sills, one hundred pounds, podtalkivaet. Yesterday docha with dad went to the zoo. She definitely likes parrots. The first thing he asked this morning when her parrot buy. Can on it and stop? Yes, I read that the parrots of any infection in the form of parasites can be many. If the cat, the dog, everything is clear, it is possible to impart, parrots, like, not vaccinated.Yes and allergies, again, can occur for fluff.But that’s not gonna determine until you try.

In General, we thought. But I’m sure the baby animal is a must. So much joy it brings! In their childhood you know, when all trudged home, starting with the may jucovy of the tritons, finishing broods stray cats.

The answer from my own experience (very subjective though): 1. Fish. Beautiful, easy care, with food no problems, very economical, but! absent tactile sensation. For the child it is important to feel the animal, to pet, to cuddle, to kiss. My parents have 6 aquariums. There and fish, and crayfish, and frogs. Daughter they were astounded year and a half. I think because they are very beautiful and were moving fast. Now do not even answer – she’s not interested. 2. Parrots. Beautiful, light, can be taught to talk, but! very noisy and the garbage from them a lot. I had parrots in his student years. They bred with the speed of sound, I gave the Chicks all friends and kindergartens around. At 5 am in the summer the cacophony began. I am a very light sleeper. Was covered them, but they’re there still “croaked”. and yet. The whole room was in millet and their (excuse me) poop. The birds need to fly, for health. To sit they loved on the ledge, on the chandelier. In General, I broke up with them. I think a bird should not keep in the bedroom, and clean-clean-clean. To cuddle much not work. But you can play. Now parrot has a younger sister. She really loves him. Daughter strong interest in it does not show. But he sits on my shoulder and plays only with the hostess. 3. Hamsters. Were at sisters. Few memories. Remember, the paper on them 3 times a day changed (now there are probably fillers). His sister squeezed enormously. The matter ended with that, he pulled away from their tenacious grasp and fell head down. There was a sea of tears. And the girls they were already rather big. Years 7-8. 4. Dog. He lives at my parents ‘ house and now. She is 9 years old. The English Cocker Spaniel. There are a lot of problems: sometimes the dogs catch the stomach at 3 a.m. in the winter. And feet to wash twice a day. But a more devoted, caring and patient friend, with whom you can play, you will not find. 5. Cat. This is my sick horse. For me it’s the best it can be. Sitting at home, neat, neat. Eating little, only change the litter regularly – and no problems. Daughter carries her in his arms, kisses, rides with her. If the cat was tired, she just gracefully takes. Colors in my home sea. Nothing drops (well, a couple of times by accident, maybe), rubber plants my not eating – we are pot grown. Ride some rides, of course, but! her claws are cut, the curtains not scrambles. To success taught – tattered furniture is not. And growling!!!!!!!! Of the minuses: if the claws are not cut – can scratch rebetenka. Still, they say, are simply bad cats. I don’t know. Not encountered, maybe because the rock chose calm and quiet.

In short, I am for cats. But, of course, you choose.

Every living being is a great joy. But the responsibility, too. Here my parents bought a dog at age 7, but really because my mother always wanted to get a dog. I was able to walk it, feed it. but the main concern was still on the mother to buy food, vaccinations, grooming and raising a puppy is not for the child. Still, the puppy is almost like having a child. So if you dog never was, but you still want to start it, then get ready for big worries. But, of course, the joy a dog brings a lot. We also had other animals – the fishes and the turtle in the aquarium, parrots wavy. Now remember, he was very fond of all these living creatures, took her for granted, but was not a good housekeeper (fed, of course, regularly but not especially often removed is courted. ) From parents when I left, that first “my” dog and I remained with my mother, and I had another. And now my daughter just loves dogs, knows how to deal with them, itself draws our dog on a leash. But I became hard with them two 🙂 – the daughter will not be able to tell, but the dog still. so now I have to walk mainly to her husband, and he’s not a big fan of animals, but tolerate But when choosing a pet, we must first decide what will you choose? If you are not ready to have a “second child”, then take a small one. In my opinion, a budgie can become cheerful and sociable friend for a child.