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Useful tips for cat owners
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The most dangerous Pets

In recent years, increasingly in the apartment of friends or relatives instead of the fluffy kitty in the basket you can see the snake in the terrarium. It has become a kind of fashion. But is it really safe to follow the modern fashion trends? Could be better the old fashioned way: pour milk into a bowl and clean the litter box?

Because some wild animals can do more harm than good . Here is a list of five animals that are best not to get in your cozy, civilized house.


Tops the list of most dangerous animals exactly it. Most of us think that the turtle pet is the most undemanding and the most harmless. However, American scientists have found that these Pets are carriers of Salmonella. And this infection is known to be very dangerous, because can lead to death.


Today, some animal lovers not only want to take a picture with a monkey while relaxing at sea, but also to have the same in my apartment. However, these new Pets are very dangerous for their owners and their guests and this danger lies in their unpredictable aggressiveness. And this, in turn, can lead to bites and the spread of disease, many of which are still not studied by doctors.


Well if any of you haven’t lived budgie? However ominotago that some poultry know how to talk, these cute birds can still infect you with a fever (a disease that affects the lungs and Central nervous system).


The cartoon “Madagascar” brought popularity not only to its creators, but also the inhabitants of the island. In this connection, more and more young people gets the lemurs at home. If you also have such an idea, remember that despite their cute appearance, these animals can be quite aggressive and, in addition, are the carriers of infection and parasites.


Remember, how much excited cause you found in the garden at grandma’s hedgehog! A small prickly ball, which breathes and does not want to show his black face, not so sweet as it seems. In addition, hedgehogs are difficult to tame, there is another problem — the mites, which are a source of encephalitis.

So, before heading to the pet store for a new pet . think what you want – a cute friend that will cheer you up a wild or untamed animal, the purchase of which will bring additional challenges?