Transport of animals. Good advice from the veterinary clinic

Not only the people worry before a trip – animals also feel the bustle and for some it is a real stress .

In order that the animal can feel safe in the trip, he needs to create the most comfortable conditions.

Decide in advance what you will use to transport your pet container, carrier, or just the leash (this is for particularly large dogs). To do this you can simply visit the nearest pet store, where experienced specialists will tell you everything. You only need to choose the size and type of the desired product (soft, frame, tray with places to store products, drinking bowl, with an entrance from the top or front, folding, and so on).

Many owners prefer carrying wheels, in which the animal can freely stand and turn around – they are much more convenient in operation. For transportation of larger, aggressive dogs on the train it is better to buy a mesh cage that you can disassemble to convenient transportation condition, folded and set in a train compartment. Thus, as passers-by and dogs will feel more secure, and the owners themselves – more peaceful.

Some airlines have specific requirements to transport containers, pozabotitsya. If you are transporting an animal in a cage, ensure that they had the free flow of air and good ventilation. To avoid thermal shock, preferably in hot weather, do not transport animals.

If the animal does not tolerate moving, it swayed and even tears, it is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe your pet medications.

If your pet is not accustomed to traveling, try to prepare him for the trip for some time. To carry it is best to accustom since the childhood – the earlier, the better. Well, if this was not possible, 2-3 weeks before departure. First, just place the container in a room where the animal feels safe. Put your favorite rug or Mat familiar to him. If the animal is afraid, put in a container his favorite toy or something tasty. Give the animal time to learn, do not ask him too much at once.

Take care of feeding your pet on the road. If your cat or dog is used to the dry food, then the problems should arise – such feed is very convenient to travel. If you use natural food, then, in that case there are several options. For example, for 7-10 days to accustom the animal to at least konservirovannoy poop, or take a cooler bag or a thermos of chilled food, but remember – tainted cooked meat is much more dangerous than raw.

On the day of departure do not give your pet food. Water can drink, but not less than 2 hours before the trip. During the trip, do not feed and give drink to animals. After moving give water and feed your pet will be possible only after 2 hours.

If your dog is nervous before the trip, then she should give a sedative pill.

All dogs, other than decorative, are carried in a muzzle and on a leash. The muzzle also try to teach in advance, even if your dog is kind-hearted animal. The fact is that without him you just can not be allowed on the train, bus or plane. At stops a dog should walk.

Of course, most convenient to travel with a dog on the train in a separate compartment, especially in coupe purchased for the dog, you will not have to pay. If you don’t quite fit the bottom shelf. Try even when buying tickets to ensure comfortable conditions for a trip for yourself and your pet.

The paperwork for the export of animals. Rules of transportation of animals. Rules of export of animals from Russia.

The necessary documents for the export of animals abroad and the transportation of animals in the Russian Federation.

1. For the transportation of animals must have a veterinary passport, which is available in all veterinary clinics.

2. A veterinary passport should contain a mark about all the necessary vaccinations dog and cat, as well as information on treatments against ecto – and endoparasites (from fleas and worms). Date of vaccination, especially vaccination against RABIES, shall not be less than 30 days and not more than 11 months before departure.

3. Also in the veterinary passport should be stamped on the chipping (not always) or number of brands.

4. 3 days before departure the owner, on the basis of correctly executed a veterinary passport and after examining the animal to the City veterinary station

5. The transportation of animals by air and by rail (by train) will require the presence of the Luggage ticket.

During the transportation of a dog or cat across the state border of the Russian Federation veterinary certificate, changes to international veterinary certificate. Also, some cases, may require permission from the Russian cynological Federation, which says that animals do not represent a tribal value.

When transporting animals across the border in different countries may require other additional documents. Need to know what rules of transportation of animals operate in the member state whose external border you intend to cross. In the Consulate of the relevant country it is necessary to obtain information about the rules of import of animals operating in the state.

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