How to protect yourself in the woods from a wild animal? Advice from experienced tourists
Going into the woods for a walk or hunting, picking berries, mushrooms or just relaxing in a beautiful "deep" part of nature, it must be remembered that in these places…

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The biggest domestic cats in the world
The biggest domestic cats in the world are no less popular than their tiny relatives. Today's article is dedicated to these wonderful creatures. 1. Usher The largest exotic domestic cat…

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All about Pets

Not only Pets are popular domesticated birds occur not less, and sometimes more often. A great option would be budgies – this pet does not require major investments, and the presence of a large amount of free time, but the pleasure of communicating with his beloved bird guaranteed.

Cichlids – very wayward aquarium fish. But “act up” they have every right is an amazing collection of bright, quirky, smart fish. Watch their life, habits, games, the process of feeding. To the newly made pet not suffer, it is necessary to know the peculiarities of different cichlids.

To make aquarium fish – it would seem, what could be easier? But the question on the type is much more serious. If you decide to buy carp fish for keeping in the home, it is worth to learn more about the nuances of “neighborhood” with other dogs and other species, the design of the aquarium, feeding, etc.

Aquarium fish – seemingly the most harmless Pets. But they are susceptible to a nasty disease that can cause a lot of trouble not only the dogs but the owners. To avoid problems, just follow the rule: forewarned is forearmed.

Escargots – a beautiful and unobtrusive, they fascinate and amuse. This pet is very suitable as an “other” child – ease of maintenance and safety Costabella positive emotions. It helps to learn about the nuances of habitats, feeding and caring.

How do we see the perfect Pets? Safe, unusual, unpretentious and loyal. It turns out that this creature is the place to be is Achatina, giant African snails. Achatina suitable technosystem adults and curious children. They are beautiful, “active” and take a lot of pleasure from communication.

Decorative ferret, ferrets – carnivorous by nature, but friendly by nature an animal that faithful and affectionate friend for children and adults. Content ferret will require a lot of investment – financial and emotional, but they will pay off handsomely with fascinating animal and its habits.

Small nimble predator – ferret – has recently become a popular pet. Little who can pass up adorable playful kitten with a clever, but cunning eyes. Since caring for a ferret requires time, attention, skills and material investments, it is important to consider all the pros and cons of that animal.

Ordinary people imagine the spider as something not the most pleasant. But there are many fans of these elegant unique predators. Currently, the content of spider in the home was widespread. Some important nuances, precautions and tarantula will take pride of place family pet.

Soul asks exotics? Why not turn to a very colorful “character” – chipasia Madagascan cockroach. Unpretentious in life and look unique, it could be a pet. In addition, this species serves as food for other animals, and therefore perfect for breeding.