Dog training

When training dogs we are guided by these principles.

Start to play with the puppy now, not to correct the dog later. To retrain older pet much harder and longer.

If you are not satisfied with the behavior of your adult dog does not need to give up, an experienced handler will be able to help.

Well-behaved, controlled dog is, first of all, conveniently, comfortably and safely.

Consultation and departure of the dog to you in choosing a breed and choosing a puppy. Big or small; smooth or hairy; playful or calm is extremely important. You choose a family member.

Raising a puppy and starting training. It’s never too early! Training for puppies from 3 months after vaccination. Teaching toddlers and their hosts, prevention of trouble. For this learning first of all the owner.

The spae — controllable city dog. The title of the course speaks for itself, comfortable dog friend and companion. Classes for 5 months.

OKD — General course of training, the norm for tolerance in breeding service dogs and guard breeds. Classes for 5 months.

LSS — protective city dog.

MCS and the COP — the standards for tolerance in breeding service dogs and guard dogs.

Protection of privateproperty, territory and home, car, protection of the owner in unusual situations.

Boarding training. Training dogs with the content of the instructor at home or in the nursery. After dog training, the handler redirects the dog to the owner.

Correction. Classes for dogs of all ages and breeds. Correct bad habits dogs and their owners mistakes.

Dog training in playing and interacting with the child.

OFP — training a dog to overcome obstacles, towing, running with Biking, swimming.

Classes for dogs are held in groups and individually, with the departure of the instructor.

In St. Petersburg the classes are held in the centre, in the Admiralty district, at the address Marata street, 90 (go to a detailed map ). As of 4 people the groups may be formed in any area of the city.

In the Gatchina district of the possible classes on the court with training shells in the village of Suida, it is 10 kilometers from Gatchina. Built for training boom, slide, various barriers. Training takes place individually or in a group. In the group to engage in more fun, you can create more distractions, and given others in the group, the trainers learn to deal with them from the experience of others. But the load and speed of learning in a class. And, maybe You are interested in exercise, not provided for by the General rate.

If you want the instructor gave your dog more attention, or a schedule of group classes uncomfortable for you, for you an individual training. The instructor will teach your dog in a convenient place and agreed time.

To participate in the education of pet has any member of the family from young to old. The benefits will be for everyone.