Exotic Pets

Cat, dog, parrot or aquarium fish today are nothing new. But exotic Pets for many people is still a novelty, although we can not say that the content of unusual Pets is a rarity in our country. Surely you can remember one or two friends, in the apartment containing some animal, not typical for Russian natural conditions.

The most unpretentious in the content of exotic insects today considered a Madagascar cockroach. Its length can reach 10 cm, but if you poke barbel rod, in response you hear a loud angry hiss. Special popularity it enjoys among boys of school age – in fact, this mini monster can sit on the Desk or under the table hated the teacher and observe their reaction.

The most popular exotic animals – iguanas and chameleons. They are spectacular in appearance and are not shy of human society. For example, the iguanas like to sit on the shoulder of the master and bask. In the summer they can walk on a leash in the yard or in the Park. His steadiness and attachment to the owner, these animals even somewhat resemble dogs.

Newts are also suitable for the role of Pets. However, reciprocal warm feelings for their owner, these animals do not feel, they are nocturnal and secretive and caracterului. But these animals are quite undemanding to the conditions of detention. Leading a mostly aquatic lifestyle, newts are cold-blooded animals, so they can be kept in an aquarium without heating all year round.

If you prefer a more cute creatures can make a home a chinchilla – cute, fuzzy creature with a luxurious tail and round curious eyes. Chinchillas are very sociable, and unlike, for example, from a hamster, feel genuine interest and sympathy for his master.

If you are partial to rodents, pay attention to degu Chilean squirrel – this charming animal with a playful tassel on the tail is very friendly and tractability. These animals are very quickly become attached to their owner and become tame. Unlike other rodents, degu doesn’t have an unpleasant smell, so perfect for keeping in an apartment.

The most popular for keeping in the home predators – ferrets. They are of good character, sociable, curious and love to be touched, also do not require excessively complex conditions. But the lemurs, marmoset and Laurie, despite his surface charm – the animals are wild and not amenable to domestication.