The biggest domestic cats in the world

The biggest domestic cats in the world are no less popular than their tiny relatives. Today’s article is dedicated to these wonderful creatures.

1. Usher

The largest exotic domestic cat that resembles a leopard is considered to be usher. This breed brought the British in 2006, mixing the genes of normal cats with the genes of the African Serval and Asian leopard cat. The breed was named after a pagan deity – the ushers. The weight of the animal can reach 14-15 kg with a length of one meter. Usher outwardly resembles the Sphinx. It is also believed that representatives of this breed does not cause allergies. To get a kitten, you need to join the queue. Have to wait about a year. Every year, British company engaged in the breeding of this breed grows up to 100 individuals. Despite the high cost, want to purchase the biggest cat in the world. Usher is considered to be the perfect loving pet to sleep, rubbing up against legs and play with children. For feeding regular cat food. The advantage of this breed is that they can walk on a leash.

The minimum cost of a kitten is $22,000.

2. Savannah

Savannah is often referred to as pet cheetahs. A distinctive feature of this breed, besides the impressive size, are also considered large round ears. Wool is thick, has chocolate, Golden, silvery or brown attenex spots. Neck – long, figure – powerful. Animal growth reaches 0.6 m and a weight of 15 kg. Savannah was the result of crossing a regular domestic cat cats breed African Serval, Egyptian Mau and Siamese, a Bengal and Oriental Shorthair. The cat of this breed is active, jumps well, has a curious, but calm nature, easily adapting to any conditions. Chihuahuas love attention, non-conflict, get along well with other animals. The minimum cost Savannah 5-10 thousand dollars. The price depends on sex of the animal: there are more cats because the males of the third and fourth generation are not able to have offspring. The value of the animal is affected by the similarity with the African Serval: the bigger it is, the cat is more expensive.

Cat breeds Savannah is not recommended to contain in a confined space, they need space.

3. Maine Coon

The breed is beautiful, hardy cats Maine Coon or Maine Coon cat was bred about a century ago in North America. The animal reaches maturity to four years. Cats Maine Coon weigh about 15 kg, females – much less. The nature of representatives of this breed are gentle and good-natured, despite its impressive size. A distinctive feature is their voice. Unlike other cats he has a distinct bright vibration. It turns out that the animal meows, and gives delicate sounds. In addition, they differ from other cats by the shape of the body, head and coat texture. Maine coons slightly elongated head and wide at base ears on the ends decorated with tassels. The tail length is the same as the length of the body. Representatives of this breed is lively and curious, combine strength and power in combination with good-natured, mild-tempered. They are also good hunters. The price for a kitten of breed Maine-Coon is in the range of one to two thousand euros.

Cats of breed Maine Coon like to bring thrown objects like dogs.

4. Cause

For a long time this breed jungle cats considered wild. At TICA shows she has been appearing since 2003. Cause the breed was the result of interbreeding the Abyssinian cats with wild cats reed gray-yellow or gray-brown in color. The animal possesses a powerful physique. Legs – muscular, head – narrow, the chest is broad, eyes are almond-shaped, coat – short, close to the body. The tip of the short tail – black, wide-set ears are the tassels, and the ear is growing edges. Domesticated jungle cat weighs 6-12 kg. Nature is kind, obedient and docile. These graceful creatures with a Royal bearing need attention. With the lack of attention cause sad. There are cases that even the animal loses interest in life. The minimum cost for a kitten of this breed is one thousand dollars.

To cross cause recommended only with representatives of the Abyssinian and ordinary short-haired cat.

4. Pixie-Bob

The breed was developed in America. Pixie-Bob to be translated from English as “elf with a short tail”. An animal like the lynx. He has a powerful body and mnohopillya paws. The fur is short and semi-long. This is a relatively new registered breed. The maximum weight of a small animal: cat – 10 kg cats 5 kg. Pixie pods are restrained, tactful and unobtrusive. They are very loyal. Strangers are wary, but without aggression. Representatives of this breed are playful and love affection. The cost of a kitten is in the range of 1000-5000 dollars.

In America cats breed pixie-Bob are considered a national treasure. Therefore, to remove them from the continent are not allowed.

5. British Shorthair

The average weight of a British Shorthair ranges from eight pounds. Sometimes the males reach 12 kg. the Birthplace of this breed is England. She appeared in the XIX century as a result of crossbreeding Persian cats with the English household. The British differs from the others broad chest. Paws he also has a powerful, round, tail thick with a rounded end. Representatives of this breed are round head and cheeks, ears small. The body of the animal is covered with short dense coat. The character of a Briton is known for its independence. They tolerate loneliness.

6. Siberian cat

The birthplace of Siberian cats is considered to be Russia. Coat of representatives of this breed is bulky and long. The maximum weight is 12 kg.