Pets and children

Parents are often faced with requests to have a child, dog or leave the house the kitten was found. From these requests they have, of course, there are associations damaged furniture, scratched Wallpaper, allergic to wool, and even parasites. Pets and children. Explain how to organize their cohabitation.

Dogs and cats can go home at different times, even before the birth of the child. In the latter case, the chances of having an Allergy to animals is significantly less. The fact that the presence of a pet would contribute to the development of the immune system of the baby. There is a hypothesis that children who grew up in a house with a dog or a cat, get sick less colds. Besides, the animal in the house will help your child to overcome self-centeredness.

Up to three years, parents should strictly ensure that the child and the animal did not cause each other injury. Because the dog, no matter how good the nurse was not can in the game with him to grab the clothes and drag. When the child grows up, it is necessary to learn the rules of pet ownership. Here are key:

Don’t eat from the same bowl and no kissing. Otherwise, you can quickly get infected by parasites.

Not to sleep together and keep in your bed. The animal must have its place, preferably not in the nursery.

Not to torture the animal and not to beat him. Even if the kid does it out of curiosity,the dog or cat may respond with bites and scratches that will heal very long.

Wash your hands after contact with animals. Thus it is necessary to teach children to do it properly – wash under nails and between fingers for at least 30 seconds.

At 3 years children are not aware of the responsibility for a dog or cat. Therefore psychologists advise parents first to make them a Guinea pig, hamster or turtle. If the child will show interest in him and will care, then you can think about a dog or cat.

The best age of children for the institution of a pet, is considered to be 7 years and older. They are already able to cope with the responsibilities for pet care professionals and independent hygiene. Try not to combine the purchase of a dog or cat in the house with the beginning of study child in school.

Friendship to children with a pet lasted without problems, it is important to choose it properly. Ask the seller about the nature of the breed of a dog or cat. and also, whether the animal is accustomed to walking or tray. Show purchased pet to the vet even if he looks quite healthy. Well, it will be necessary to prepare for the costs. Rare breed puppies and kittens, and their content, are expensive. Pet your family should have a house, basket or Mat for rest, a place for feeding and games, cosmetics and medicines.