The most rare and beautiful breeds of cats

This is a unique cat with bright, unusual eyes, often colored. Sometimes their eyes have a Golden hue, both at once. Sometimes blue like sapphires. In this case the coat should be pure white. That eye color and coat are not allowed. The breed is very small, light gene – gene degeneration, and cats are born with spots, with eyes of another color, even from pedigreed parents. The first mention of Khao Mani date back to 1350. They were breed in Thailand, but rather in the territory of Siam, and they were only representatives of the nobility, it was thought that the cat brings good luck and wealth.

Now purebred Cao Mani remained little more than 200, most of them in nursery of Thailand. The breed is considered to be degenerate, if the cats are too small eyes, eye colour faded, no stroke, snout flattened or round. In General, fine and rare breed – a real rarity. In the USA the kitten Cao Mani is not less than $ 20,000. Cats Cao Mani often deaf, this is, apparently, not considered a flaw. Kao Mani balanced cat, individual farmers, other animals don’t love, but do not attack, not being asked and not so affectionate. But walk and bathe. But if Cao Mani aggressive, it is considered a fault and a symptom of degeneracy of the breed.

In the 1960s, one of the Siamese cat breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty of Philadelphia accidentally discovered the amazing kitty color: white shoes on feet. There were three kittens, and the breeder unsuccessfully tried to withdraw new. Then its work was continued by another breeder, by crossing an American Shorthair and Siamese.

After a few years, such cats would take specifically, and in 1983 there was established a standard for the new breed: a special mark on the muzzle in the form of an inverted V. White socks should reach ankle on the front legs and the knee bend on the back. Cat snow Shu very affectionate, balanced and friendly, very quick learner and recognized by their lively, inquisitive mind. Good with kids, other Pets, including rodents and birds, which do not try to eat. Ideal breed!

Rare in color and appearance of the cat. This new breed that have emerged recently. Her color is called “Sepia agouti”. Cattery’s around the world a little, can be counted on fingers. The prices depend on breeders, the breed characteristics while almost nobody seriously argued. This is the smallest cat in the world, flexible, delicate, Asian face and tight physique. Because of its small size, it is listed in the Guinness Book of world records. The origin of the breed remains a mystery, in 1971 the cat was first brought to the US physicist Hal meadow. Cats were crossed with Abyssinia, Siam and burmanni. Breeders have made to the coat colour of cats was slightly pinkish, which is what makes cats amazingly beautiful.

This is a cat”tail” she goes for the owner on his heels, takes from man all tokens, can endlessly play and jump. However, sensing the mood of the owner, she will not climb and will not stop. Plays with other animals, children, very gentle and soft meows. Convenient and “compact” pet.

For the first time the cat found near lake van in Turkey. This endemic breed. They differ not color, he is normal. They love water and swim and swim more often frogs. Hunt and even sometimes sleep in the water. Cat fisherman! The vans come in multi-colored eyes, almost all the spots on the nose, and the breed is considered white body, coloured tail and white V-shaped mark on the nose. Vanir strong, agile.

If they do not give hunt the fish (by the way, they catch large specimens), they will catch the owner’s legs and well able to knock off his feet of the child, clasping his paws for feet. If the house has other animals, van will occupy the position now calling the shots. These cats are very proud, will not allow to be ruled how they want. Domain will be only if they themselves wish to. On hand to take not give – not love, if only to teach from early childhood, and to train right: cats need to constantly comb out so the coat is not matted. Playful sometimes to excess, there is no rest from them. A vans music and a rich range of tones of voice. It is a music box.

Very rare and minority breed. In the US there are no more than 20 cats. The name of the breed is not justified: fur in cats soft as a plush. The hairs are arranged randomly, and visually it seems that the coat is rough. About the breed you know so little, what can I say — nothing is known. Flexible, moderately playful cats. I get used to the house, the owner, don’t like his long absence. Suffer from moving and stress.

In General, a quiet, loving, gentle Pets for couch potatoes. Well they catch mice. The coat colour variety. The wire-haired kitten reminds felted wool felt, and many scammers sell kittens, whose tarnished inclusions genetics the traits of other breeds. Toddlers haired cats fur curls from birth and throughout the body. In Russia there are simply no breeders.

It is very strange that the breed, apparently, is not popular. It’s a real mini-leopard. Since the color for some reason is not popular, the population of California cats is constantly decreasing. This breed is among the new, which have recently appeared. Because the cat home, the nature of it is not yet finally formed. All specimens behave differently, but overall relatively quiet, friendly, nice to children and other Pets.

Cat from Kenya, original breed name sounds like “Kadzondzo”, translated from the Kenyan it means “tree bark”. The coat color is really reminiscent of the patterns on the bark. For the first time the cat saw a Danish resident, who brought her to Europe in 1978. Cats quickly feel of the place in the new house, unpretentious in content. And are inexpensive, though they are difficult to get.

In the state of new Mexico in 1984, a curious man saw a litter of wild cats baby with piercing clear blue eyes. It turned out that this is a dominant trait, and kittens to breed. In 1991, TICA published a standard long – and short-haired breed, according to which the color have blue eyes. The name of the breed is of Spanish origin, as ojios azules in Spanish means “blue eyes”.

Since the progenitors of goluboglazka – yard animals, and azoles perfectly adapted to the situation, friendly, intelligent, teachable. Love people and animals.