The most intelligent dog breeds

With obake, like other Pets, in the wild state had certain qualities that they became friends of man. Ongoing targeted selection. Especially interesting for all classification in the mind. The most popular study in this regard is the work of Stanley Coren. According to him the smartest dog breeds Border collie, poodle, and German shepherd is far ahead of all other animals.

The most interesting is the fate of a German shepherd, as detailed on our. It rightly deserves a lot of recognition and respect. The dog is beside the man in many of the most difficult situations. It is indispensable as an assistant for the protection of major sites. During both the 1st and 2nd world wars, the German shepherd saved the lives of people. The breed is also very well established in his first mission as a shepherd of the flock.

The German shepherd starred in many movies. According to cinema shepherds are intelligent dogs which most successfully perform the role of actors. Interestingly, when it comes to Soviet films with the participation of shepherds, we always mean the breed is East European shepherd. But it is not recognized by experts of world level. It turns out that in the time after the war Stalin ordered to withdraw a new breed similar to a German shepherd. Quick-witted red-tape-monger dog trainers just arrived,they renamed the breed. Is a German dog came to be called Eastern European. So a few days in 1951, was enough to create this Soviet dog that is not recognized as purebred.

The second most intelligent Stanley called poodle. This is a very intelligent dog. It is no coincidence that most poodles other breeds are used as circus performers. But they can be excellent hunters, watchmen, perform various utility functions. What, a small but udalenky. These dogs are very intelligent, even gifted. Besides, poodles are very beautiful, especially if the curls are professionally trimmed and styled, and also poodles are very kind, loving family members. They show their loyalty to their owners, regardless of size. There are large Royal poodles and tiny toy poodles, dog toys.

At the 1st place in the classification is the Border collie. This is an old breed, known since the XV century in England and Scotland. The purpose is to serve as shepherds. Here’s a Border in front of the other breeds. Now their responsibilities have expanded, they can help in search, rescue, and police work and the border for customs inspection.

Representatives of all three dog breeds easy to get along with children, always willing to learn and to train. We publish materials about the principles of care, training, feeding animals. In order for dogs to be healthy, play with them on the air. However, they can be sensitive and touchy. Therefore, the main rule of Amateur or professional needs to be good care, walks and a good attitude to his friend.