Vaccination: when to vaccinate Pets

You want Your pet near You lived a long, happy and carefree? Then don’t forget to rate vaccinations: from the first months in the house there was a cheerful lump, and throughout the life of a dog or cat.

Please contact our clinic “the Stork-vet” to get the full information on vaccination of cats and dogs, and how to protect their Pets from diseases!

Why and what vaccinate Pets?

The world is full of dangerous infections. And no matter how You tried to protect your pet from contact with other animals, complete isolation is impossible to achieve. Vaccinations – it is much easier and wiser.

And dogs and cats have to vaccinate against rabies infection, lethal for animals and for people.

It is recommended that dogs be vaccinated against plague, leptospirosis, enteritis, coronavirus, adenovirus, etc.

For cats topical immunoprophylaxis against viral rhinotracheitis, kalitsiviroza, panleukopenia, chlamydia, and other common illnesses.

Puppies start to vaccinate with 2 months, kittens reach the age of 9-10 weeks. The date of the first vaccination and the revaccination intervals prescribed by the physician.

Vaccinations in the clinic “the Stork-Vet”

Vaccination of domestic animals should take place under medical supervision. And it’s not even that otmetki veterinary vaccinations shall be entered in the passport and in the care of Your pet. Only an experienced veterinarian can:

to offer the most effective vaccine, domestic or imported, separate or integrated;

to schedule immunizations, based on the individual characteristics of the animal;

to carry out the procedure in perfect sanitary conditions;

to make recommendations for care after vaccination, to prevent the development of complications.

Many diseases that afflict animals, transmitted to humans. Vaccination of a dog or cat in the clinic “the Stork-Vet” is the protection of health for both Pets and their owners!

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