Pet food

The products of the Farmina is the current standard of excellent quality food. Natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins allow you to create balanced meals at a reasonable price. Products are made from raw materials of Italian production. Farmina company manufactures its products at three own factories which are located in the following countries:

The system of quality control of the product from the development stage through to its receipt by the end user allows to guarantee high quality. The combination of the feed ingredients allows us to produce food that can satisfy the taste preferences of different animals.

All the products this company was created with the support of veterinary doctors and successfully passed a special test. Feed recommended by experts for the continuous feeding of Pets

Products known brand sold in many countries around the world. Acquiring a well-balanced dry food from well-known company, you will give your Pets care, strength, energy. They will always delight you with their good mood and excellent health.

Using dry food for Pets, you can provide your pet with all necessary nutrients for an active and healthy life. There is an opportunity to choose food for your pet depending on their lifestyle, habits, age and health status.The manufacturer produces special diet line, intended for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Interview with a veterinarian company Farmina

In this video You will be able to receive information about the company Farmina and its products. To learn more about the power supply system of carnivorous and non-cereal of the new line and neskazannyh of feed for dogs and cats, Natural&Delicious.

Innovative production technology

The use of new technological processes and equipment

Our factories use modern technological processes and equipment that allows to make the product high taste appeal, easily digestible and preserves the quality of raw materials in the production process.

New trends in nutrition

The importance of a diet with foods low in glikemichesky index.

Carbohydrates such as grain are traditionally used to provide energy to the body. Insulin response after food intake changes in relation to different types of carbohydrates. When consumption of foods with low glikemichesky index.

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