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Types of pet birds: finches
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In our world there are over 400 breeds of dogs.

All breeds of dogs were bred by man for specific needs and divided into groups. The dog breeds in alphabetical order.

A breed is a group of the same species obtained by artificial selection and has a number of external, internal, and behavioral traits, steadfastly passed on from generation to generation. Purebred dogs bred by man for a variety of tasks: search and safety, perform special tasks (military needs), herding and protection of livestock, for assistance with hunting, etc. Many of them were bred just for looks.

From purebred dogs purebred differ, first and foremost, “predictability of result” is having a puppy, people can adequately imagine what will become of him. As for the appearance – the “exterior”, and in character.

Today, the majority of purebred dogs have as companions: “work” very many breeds is to take part in exhibitions, competitions and events.

The first attempts at classification of dogs was carried out in ancient times. Ancient Romans in addition to dogs, described by Aristotle, called the many new breeds: the Phoenician, Sretenskii, Egyptian hounds and so on. In the Middle ages the number of species continuously increased, especially in the Renaissance. Mainly engaged in dog breeding aristocracy,so most of the then known species were hunting. These were early classification of dogs: hunting and all other.

Today there are more than 400 breeds of dogs . Conditionally they can be divided into three large sub-groups: business (including sports), hunting and decorative. This division is very conditional and modern cynology offers options for more detailed classifications of dog breeds. The most famous of these classification English the Keppel club, American Kenel club (AKC) and the classification of the fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). English and American systems operate only within the respective organizations. A more complete and scientifically sound classification of dog breeds was developed by FCI. This classification is accepted in all countries that are part of the Federation, including in Russia – a member of the FCI.

Specialists of the center use individual approach to each dog in training.

Our goal is not only to develop the dog’s conditioned reflexes (skills) on the team, but also to teach You how to properly manage your pet!

We invite you to the courses of those who are going to buy a dog. Learn how to contain, train and care for your future pet.

In the first session, identifying the type of higher nervous activity and the predominant response behavior, considering gender, age and breed of the dog, we define the application of conditional and unconditional stimuli, we select training methods.

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