What to feed Pekingese?

The first question that comes up right after you buy a puppy — what to feed Pekingese?

The first few days after you bring your puppy home, he should be on the same diet as the breeder. On other foods it is necessary to move gradually, but it is better to study in advance the question of how to properly feed a puppy, so as not to cause damage to his health.

No, of course, reason to doubt that the dog is not an herbivore animals, although the Pekingese might be the exception, because this dog loves vegetables and fruits. However, any dog in its essence is primarily a predator, and the consumption of meat is the most natural process, although it is not necessary to go to the extreme and feed the dog only meat, so even the most selective. Your Pekingese will love to eat the most ordinary store-bought meat, only the bones required to completely eliminate from his diet because of the rather weak dentition. The cartilages can give your Pekingese to eat, but not often, because they are few, and the intestine of the dog they slag sacrificed. In the diet of a Pekingese should from time to time to include poultry (chicken or Turkey). Just do not forget beforehand to completely remove the bones, since the crushing they split into pieces with sharp edges that can damage the intestinal wall that can privesti death of the animal.

Menu Pekingese is certainly marine fish, both cooked and raw.

Adult Pekingese once a week must get boiled egg yolk, a puppy depending on its weight and age is part of the yolk. You want to use in the diet of puppy Pekingese offal such as kidney, heart, liver. From the variety of products you need to try to find what is most suitable for your puppy or dog. Pekingese — breed, not suffering from lack of appetite, so the puppy food do not know the steps . It is important not to overfeed your dog, so food is necessary to comply with the measure.

The Pekingese is a very useful tripe (cow or sheep’s stomach), raw and unpeeled. If the scar is present fat to be removed. In the rumen, a considerable amount of variety of nutrients, including macro – and micronutrients. It is noted that thrown off for various reasons, the dog’s coat, much faster grow hair, if the scar is ever-present in their diet. The same female Pekingese in certain periods of rearing litters better feed the rumen, and not with meat to eliminate the risk of disease eclampsia. Generally Pekingese eat tripe with great pleasure, but before you feed them a dog, the scar should be thoroughly washed under running water, and not to forget twice a year to do the dog prevention from worms.