Top 11: the Most stupid dog breeds

All breeders believe that the breed of their dog is the most intelligent, noble, and almost Holy. Indeed, dogs can give their owners a lot of fun and even good. Some studies have shown that marriages between dog owners, stronger than usual. In addition, the kennel 4 times more likely to survive after a heart attack. Despite the fact that they are all capable of being great Pets, nor should they be considered intellectually equal. Canadian psychologist Stanley Coren with the help of hundreds of animal trainers and veterinarians have developed special dog IQ test that would determine how smart your pet is. He estimated their ability and readiness to execute the commands and solve problems. As shown by one of his tests, if the dog can’t figure out how to get rid of a blanket, thrown over her head, then she is unlikely to be able to find your house, if you accidentally get off leash.

According to the scale, dogs, scored 54 points or more, have a brilliant and intelligent. But today we will introduce you to the breeds that scored 18 points or less, which demonstrates their relatively undeveloped intellectual and adaptive abilities. However, it is worth noting that most of these breeds were bred for purposes that do not require high intelligence,such as hunting and loveliness.

11. Shih Tzu American kennel club gave this breed of dog 15 in popularity in the United States. Shih Tzu is among the dogs who lack the intelligence and trainability because of the long history of the breed, which has long been considered a favorite breed of royalty. Dog breed Shih Tzu belonged to almost all members of the Ming dynasty, which ruled from 1368 in the year 1664. It only took an affectionate dog, without any claim to intelligence.

10. Basset hound Sad face, droopy ears, unemotional behavior and clumsy paws make this breed of dog is incredibly cute pet. Originally bred in France the breed was designed to hunt down small game, the dogs were taken out for their scent, not intellectual ability. Actually, hunting is the only occupation where Basset hounds can show off your skills. In other situations they are helpless, moreover, walking in the streets, better watch out that the dog was on a leash, because it inspired some interesting smell, she may get lost and forget the way home.

9. The Mastiff is Surprisingly good-natured and loving children, despite its huge size and ferocious appearance, the Mastiff is gentle giants of the dog world. Mastiffs were used by the British tribes during the confrontation the Romans, in consequence of this breed of dogs was imported to Rome and used in gladiatorial combat in the Coliseum against lions and gladiators. Known for his cruelty and courage, they were popular as guard dogs in rural England. Today they are widely known for their docility and extremely weak concentration of attention, therefore learning the most simple things takes a lot of time, after which learned information is quickly forgotten.

8. Hound actually, unlike stereotypes, the hounds have a good feel and excellent character, but the list of their talents is increasing. According to Stanley Coren, mentioned above, he almost despaired when he spent a whole year trying to teach the hound basic things, which of his retrievers has trained for 4 weeks.

7. Pekingese the Pekingese is one of those breeds of dogs, bred exclusively as a companion. As the Shih Tzu, it is one of the oldest living breeds of dogs. Pekingese are very brave for their size, or maybe it’s the recklessness? Their learning process can be compared with training a very stubborn and spoiled child. In recent times, this breed is becoming less and less popular, falling from 37 to 77 place in popularity in the U.S. according to the American kennel club.

6. The Bloodhound in Order to give them their due, it should be mentioned that the bloodhounds — a great police dogs and rescue dogs. Their ability to make even the weakest of smell is unmatched. Born a workhorse, this breed was developed only in one direction, improving over the years and without that perfect scent.

5. Greyhound Is the name of this breed of dogs has received for its running speed. On the other hand, the IQ of this dog is incredibly small. This athletic, friendly, gentle, economical and extremely clean dogs. Initially, this breed of dog was bred for hunting and one of its important features was the independence.

4. Chow Chow-This dog breed is taken out not to get a smart pet. Originally Chow had guard dogs, very demanding, jealous and difficult training. Actually this dog is not stupid, but it is very poorly trainable dog due to its heavy nature.

3. Bulldog is the Name this dog breed originates from the old British sport, where the dogs baited bulls. In this sport, the bulldogs succeeded with considerable force and tenacity. In addition, they were the Champions of dog fighting, until they were banned. Once valued as a dangerous guard dogs, today they have become affectionate, gentle, and silly Pets.

2. Basenji the Basenji is a exotic breed of dog. came to us from Africa. Loved by all hunters since the days of pyramid building, Basenji was famous for his vast repertoire of reproduced sounds. In addition to its interesting appearance, Basenji are extremely difficult to train the breed of dog that hardly remembers a new and later quickly forgets studied.

1. The Afghan hound Is another nice face, not burdened with intelligence. This elegant breed, with special dignity, but it is extremely difficult to train. They are renowned for the extremely low level of obedience, so you should spend some time to let your pet still came to the call. They are bred largely for appearance sake units