How and when to feed the puppy?

It is very important to feed the puppy a diet appropriate to their needs and at certain intervals of time. To properly grow and become a healthy dog, your puppy requires adequate levels of nutrients. For the health of your pet is extremely important to regularly monitor his physical condition and adjust daily feed intake as needed. Simple recommendations from the company Hill’s TM will help you maintain the health of your puppy:

· Start to feed it according to recommendations on the packaging and the advice of your veterinarian.*

· Evaluate the physical condition of the puppy, using on-line map of growth and development. Just enter the date, weight of the puppy and use the slider to set the index of the animal’s body weight.

· Adjust amount fed to feed to your puppy as it grows.

* Larger breeds, weighing more than 25 kg in adulthood, have specific nutritional needs, the satisfaction of which ensures proper development of bones and joints.

The transition to a new food

If you choose to send your puppy on a diet of Hill’s TM Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development TM TM. this must be done gradually over 7 days. Mix the previous food with the new, constantly increasing the share of the latter to complete the transition to Science Plan. Then your pet will be able to fully enjoy the taste and preimushestvenno power, which provides a diet of Hill’s TM Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development TM TM .

You and your veterinarian Your veterinarian is the best source of information on health and well-being of your puppy. Ask him regularly to control body weight because achieving and maintaining your ideal weight not only reduces the risk of developing certain diseases, but also ensures a long, healthy and energetic life for your pet.

Consult with your veterinarian, which of the three feeding methods is best suited to your pet:

Feeding free choice: food is available to the puppy at any time. Feeding, time-limited food available for the puppy only for a limited time. Feeding, limited by the amount of feed: feed given to an animal specific portions in a certain fixed time every day.

Water your puppy should always be a sufficient amount of fresh water. The inability to quench their thirst for a long time will damage the health of your pet.

Treats Although it is quite difficult to resist the temptation to feed your pet a tasty morsel from the table, remember that these treats do not provide the correct balance of nutrients. Observe moderation when it comes to treats – their excess can lead to weight gain or imbalance of nutrients.

When your puppy is older, his nutritional needs will change. It must be translated on a diet for adult dogs, which will provide a supply of necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the correct ratio that corresponds to the size breed and age. Diets Hill’s TM Science Plan TM will provide exactly what you need. Products for different stages of life help to preserve health of the dog, regardless of breed and lifestyle