Clever dogs — what breed are they?

Animals have intelligence, no doubt. Take, for example, cats. Examining the behavior of these animals, scientists ethologists noted that the natural intelligence helps them in the course of scientific experiments to find a way out from complicated situations. Cats are by nature secretive, so their intellectual abilities can’t be deeply studied by trainers and other experts. Another thing — dogs. Their soul is open, they show the person your skills and talents to the full, therefore, scientific information about mental abilities of dogs are much more.

The researchers found that the average dog recognizes about 160 words, but with more outstanding ability is up to 250 and more! In addition, dogs can count and are not inferior in the ability to children 3-4 years of age.

The dog is the faithful companion of man since the early stone age. It was that the dog helped the primitive people to find a way out of difficult situations, especially for hunting, saved life.

As time went on. The development of the people of the new territories, the natural conditions and, later, directed breeding of different dogs with each other led to the birth of new species. Now breeds thousands. It turned out that the representatives of the different breeds of dogs have different mental characteristics. So, scientists from Canada have found that hunting dogs, oddly enough,is not characterized by outstanding intelligence. Very high IQ in Golden retrievers, Labradors, Shelties and Dobermans. These rocks are in the top ten. Who’s in the top three smartest? In third place – German shepherd. Well, about their amazing abilities to think analytically probably heard everything. Remember Commissioner Rex and Mukhtar. Second place science was awarded to poodles. Immediately comes to mind the phrase: “poodles are perfectly trainable”. And indeed it is. How many among them circus artists!

First place and the high title of “The smartest dog” is absolutely right took this breed is the border collie. Who are they? – Yes so. ugly dog black and white spotted, similar to stray dogs.

The first impression is deceptive. The border collie is a herding dog. Her ability to keep a flock of sheep under control is difficult to overestimate. In addition, the border collie is not only utterly devoted to their vocation, but also the owner.

Like any intellectual, dog breed the border collie needs to find the app in your mind. It’s not a cushion like a Pomeranian or Shih Tzu. These dogs just need to explore the world, so they are not suitable as companions for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The smartest dog in the world 6 years. This border collie named Chaser. It recognizes more than 1000 items by color and shape, and also knows the names of approximately 1000 toys. On learning Caser it took 3 years.

There are dogs that have passed scientific tests and have won many titles at various dog shows, have — saved hundreds of people … And there’s Your four-legged friend. He is the most loyal, dedicated and smart. His skill You have not heard. You see that they are, on a daily basis.