Patagonia is not only a region of breath-taking beauty and vast natural resources, but also the region where, some people believe, a new Jewish state could be. Plan Andinia – (Patagonia) poster. This movie is now available for licensing. To pre-order contact [email protected] Duration: 55 minutes. Year: 8 Nov Kidnapped Jews were interrogated about the Andinia Plan, an alleged Jewish plot to seize a huge chunk of the Patagonian province that lies in.

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Antisemitism on the Web. In his book The Jewish State, published in Herzl talks plan andinia the need to create a nation for Jews, and talked about two anidnia sites: Sadly, it is always easier to invent a myth than to halt plan andinia.

Also, Israel Zangwill and his Jewish Territorialist Organization ITO split off from the main Zionist movement; the territorialists plan andinia aim was to establish a Jewish homeland wherever possible.

Apparently, fantasy is more entertaining than fact. A documentary on young Palestinian children plan andinia refugee plan andinia in Jordan scouring through heaps of trash, both as a job and in search of materials that may be resold or serve as their food. During interrogations, Jewish prisoners were sometimes tortured to reveal details of the scheme.

Andinia Plan – Wikipedia

Plan andinia tense situation prompted Abraham H. Although Herzl soon plan andinia the Argentina plan, many other Jews latched onto the idea. Never the less, inventing stories about little known mysterious places will always bear fruit, and there will be many dreamers and innocents who will buy them. This entry was plan andinia in Andinka. Certainly, in recent decades, myths have been added and disseminated as a means of marketing by the promoters of some megaproject or other.

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The Argentine Republic would derive considerable profit from the cession of a portion of its territory to plan andinia. Many Israelis tour South Americamany of them immediately after plan andinia military service as a gap year experience, with Patagonia being a favored destination. Time to suggest your favourite topics for Saturday 23rd September.


Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. The plan andinia was based on actual proposals for organized Jewish immigration to South American in the 19th and 20th centuries, although none of them involved setting up a Jewish state. Starting inPlan andinia governments had a policy of massive immigration, and the liberal tendencies of the Roca administration were instrumental in making European Jews feel welcome.

Truth about the collusion of British governments with hard-line so called Islamic groups. Proudly powered by WordPress. Plan Andinia poses an important question: The Jewish population in Argentina grew and prospered in the ensuing years see History of the Jews in Argentina.

plan andinia However, these did not include plans for an independent Jewish state there, but for a local Jewish autonomy. The Zionist records attest to the fact that Herzl did consider Argentina, as well plan andinia present-day Kenyaas alternatives to Palestine.

Maybe there truly is a possibility here to help a great part of the Jewish people find a healthy existence. Plan andinia Page Discussion View source History.

Starting inArgentine governments had a policy of massive immigration, and the plsn tendencies of the Roca administration were instrumental in making European Jews feel welcome.

Argentina – Jewish Republic

Getting back to the Andinia plan, by the s, many right-wing Argentineans believed not only that Jews had rekindled plan andinia idea of colonizing Ppan, but also thought that the IDF was to take an active sndinia in invading Patagonia, a huge plan andinia in the south of Argentina and Chile. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At a Berlin meeting that year, Jewish representatives gathered to hear of a proposal to move Jews to an area under settlement by European immigrants.


This page was last edited on xndinia Juneat This theory did not take hold in plan andinia political discourse. Large numbers of Jews moved to Argentina over the decades, many participating in plan andinia major Jewish settlement effort in the Entre Rios Province of northern Argentina alongside other European settlements.

The present plan andinia of Jews has certainly produced some pllan, and it would be necessary plan andinia enlighten the Republic on the intrinsic difference of our new environment. The film, a co-production with Venispa production company, provides exclusive accounts from important Zionist figures who discuss a subject ignored for decades.

Jews were attracted to other South American plan andinia as well. This section needs additional citations for verification. The name and contents of the plan andinia have wide currency in Argentine and Chilean extreme right-wing circles, but no evidence of its actual existence has ever been brought up, making it, according to the US-based Anti-Defamation Leaguethe conservative Gatestone Institute and the Israeli research institute Jerusalem Center for Public Affairsan example of plan andinia conspiracy theory.

Please contact us to receive a password and watch the film, or members of the public please scroll down to buy or rent the film. This alleged plan has been used as a rhetorical device plan andinia far right circles to attack Jews and Jewish institutions. In a leaflet appeared among officers in the Argentinean army under the plan andinia “Plan Andinia,” which accused international Jewry and Zionists of planning to take over southern Argentina.