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In our world there are over 400 breeds of dogs.

All breeds of dogs were bred by man for specific needs and divided into groups. The dog breeds in alphabetical order.

A breed is a group of the same species obtained by artificial selection and has a number of external, internal, and behavioral traits, steadfastly passed on from generation to generation. Purebred dogs bred by man for a variety of tasks: search and safety, perform special tasks (military needs), herding and protection of livestock, for assistance with hunting, etc. Many of them were bred just for looks.

From purebred dogs purebred differ, first and foremost, “predictability of result” is having a puppy, people can adequately imagine what will become of him. As for the appearance – the “exterior”, and in character.

Today, the majority of purebred dogs have as companions: “work” very many breeds is to take part in exhibitions, competitions and events.

The first attempts at classification of dogs was carried out in ancient times. Ancient Romans in addition to dogs, described by Aristotle, called the many new breeds: the Phoenician, Sretenskii, Egyptian hounds and so on. In the Middle ages the number of species continuously increased, especially in the Renaissance. Mainly engaged in dog breeding aristocracy,so most of the then known species were hunting. These were early classification of dogs: hunting and all other. Continue reading

Humane education

Contact with animals has a positive effect on people, makes them kinder, gentler, awakens in him the best feeling. The role of animals in the upbringing of children. People can feel responsibility for others and act in their best interests only if he is able to empathize, to perceive the pain of others. Therefore, moral education in the first place, should have the task of forming the child of mercy, kindness, ability to compassion. In practice, this boils down to creating a situation where the child acts as the perpetrators of an act of mercy when he gets satisfaction because someone really helped. For a small child so weak, needing his good deed, can only be an animal. The attitude of children towards animals is an area of activity where you can most successfully carry out moral education.

Wildlife is amazing, complex, multifaceted world. A special place is given to an animal: they constitute only two percent of all life on earth, but, despite this, their role in the biosphere is enormous. From people largely depends on the diversity and abundance of wildlife. To successfully solve this problem, one must have a certain supply of naturally scientific knowledge.

The first elementary representation of the outside world, including the animals, a person gets in the childhood. In preschool the learning process and the accumulation of sensory experience requiredcanadian pedagogical work. Acquaintance with nature involves the solution of a number of educational issues identified by the program.

Educational value of nature can not be overestimated. Communion with nature has a positive effect on people, makes them kinder, gentler, awakens in him the best feeling. Particularly large role of nature in the upbringing of children. Continue reading

What to feed Pekingese?

The first question that comes up right after you buy a puppy — what to feed Pekingese?

The first few days after you bring your puppy home, he should be on the same diet as the breeder. On other foods it is necessary to move gradually, but it is better to study in advance the question of how to properly feed a puppy, so as not to cause damage to his health.

No, of course, reason to doubt that the dog is not an herbivore animals, although the Pekingese might be the exception, because this dog loves vegetables and fruits. However, any dog in its essence is primarily a predator, and the consumption of meat is the most natural process, although it is not necessary to go to the extreme and feed the dog only meat, so even the most selective. Your Pekingese will love to eat the most ordinary store-bought meat, only the bones required to completely eliminate from his diet because of the rather weak dentition. The cartilages can give your Pekingese to eat, but not often, because they are few, and the intestine of the dog they slag sacrificed. In the diet of a Pekingese should from time to time to include poultry (chicken or Turkey). Just do not forget beforehand to completely remove the bones, since the crushing they split into pieces with sharp edges that can damage the intestinal wall that can privesti death of the animal.

Menu Pekingese is certainly marine fish, both cooked and raw.

Adult Pekingese once a week must get boiled egg yolk, a puppy depending on its weight and age is part of the yolk. You want to use in the diet of puppy Pekingese offal such as kidney, heart, liver. From the variety of products you need to try to find what is most suitable for your puppy or dog. Pekingese — breed, not suffering from lack of appetite, so the puppy food do not know the steps . It is important not to overfeed your dog, so food is necessary to comply with the measure. Continue reading

Top 11: the Most stupid dog breeds

All breeders believe that the breed of their dog is the most intelligent, noble, and almost Holy. Indeed, dogs can give their owners a lot of fun and even good. Some studies have shown that marriages between dog owners, stronger than usual. In addition, the kennel 4 times more likely to survive after a heart attack. Despite the fact that they are all capable of being great Pets, nor should they be considered intellectually equal. Canadian psychologist Stanley Coren with the help of hundreds of animal trainers and veterinarians have developed special dog IQ test that would determine how smart your pet is. He estimated their ability and readiness to execute the commands and solve problems. As shown by one of his tests, if the dog can’t figure out how to get rid of a blanket, thrown over her head, then she is unlikely to be able to find your house, if you accidentally get off leash.

According to the scale, dogs, scored 54 points or more, have a brilliant and intelligent. But today we will introduce you to the breeds that scored 18 points or less, which demonstrates their relatively undeveloped intellectual and adaptive abilities. However, it is worth noting that most of these breeds were bred for purposes that do not require high intelligence,such as hunting and loveliness.

11. Shih Tzu American kennel club gave this breed of dog 15 in popularity in the United States. Shih Tzu is among the dogs who lack the intelligence and trainability because of the long history of the breed, which has long been considered a favorite breed of royalty. Dog breed Shih Tzu belonged to almost all members of the Ming dynasty, which ruled from 1368 in the year 1664. It only took an affectionate dog, without any claim to intelligence. Continue reading

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In our world there are over 400 breeds of dogs.
All breeds of dogs were bred by man for specific needs and divided into groups. The dog breeds in alphabetical order. A breed is a group of the same species…

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