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If you are tired of dogs and cats. Overview of exotic Pets: the Fox-Fennec Fox, skunk, wombat, raccoon

Salvador Dali . as you know, loved to shock the audience. One day he bought himself an anteater and since then, everywhere I went with this anteater on posadochka. Together they went for a walk, attended the evening and even had dinner in the restaurant. Dali, you could say, was one of the founders of the fashion keep exotic Pets.

By the way, the anteaters being very friendly. They love to flirt, play with the owner, happily licking a friendly outstretched hand with his long tongue. To purchase the anteater today is no longer considered an act of extreme extravagance. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive today.

Let’s see . what other exotic animals can be kept at home. Just note that for the review we took only such pupils, which can be kept in the apartment. Of course, many people want a beautiful white kangaroo Wallaby Bennett, but such a carcass (height at the withers reaches a meter or more) need to contain in a special cage, also far outside the city, where it will not frighten the strange noises. Yes and many pygmy Hippo brings a lot of joy, but he needs a pool of water of a certain temperature, which have to constantly maintain at the desired level. In General, it’s all entertainment for the very wealthy, even the rich. We’re rassmotrennykh animals, which, for all its exoticism, not causing problems with your own content in the apartment or in the extreme case – of a private house. Continue reading

Someone to have a child?

How are You “in the subject.” Puzzled for a second week, who is the daughter to buy. Try to find a compromise. She asked the dog, but like to imagine our grandmother on a walk with the ever elusive and running somewhere daughter, dog imagination Doris (and nausicca she is a grandmother!), so once you understand the puppy to us yet. Turns 6-7 years, then. A turtle daughter does not agree. Hamster we don’t want – torment the poor man! Kitty? With cats in our family the relationship is not working somehow. Yes and a lot of colours, because eat, what not eat, with sills, one hundred pounds, podtalkivaet. Yesterday docha with dad went to the zoo. She definitely likes parrots. The first thing he asked this morning when her parrot buy. Can on it and stop? Yes, I read that the parrots of any infection in the form of parasites can be many. If the cat, the dog, everything is clear, it is possible to impart, parrots, like, not vaccinated.Yes and allergies, again, can occur for fluff.But that’s not gonna determine until you try.

In General, we thought. But I’m sure the baby animal is a must. So much joy it brings! In their childhood you know, when all trudged home, starting with the may jucovy of the tritons, finishing broods stray cats. Continue reading

Types of pet birds: finches

Family estrildidae or vukovije weaverbirds belongs to the passerine. Birds of this family are small or medium size with a long calf not more than 17 cm and not weighing more than 25 grams. These birds are widely distributed in Southeast Asia, southern China, India, Africa, Australia, some Islands of the Malay archipelago and Oceania. At the end of the last century they have also been accidentally or artificially introduced into Europe – particularly in Italy. Birds have mastered the mountains, forests, savannas, steppes and even semi-deserts.

Many birds of estrildid family are highly valued as a room for their beautiful color, unique voice and unique character. Finches are the most common in our country partly because of its simplicity and the simple mechanism of reproduction in captivity.

The most popular are Japanese and finches. Species that have received less common: diamond, bronze, krasnogorye, herbal, parrot finches. Look at some of them closer.

Zebra finches inhabit the trees and shrubs close to the water, create a strong pair, reaching maturity at 3 or 5 months and growing from 3 to 6 Chicks a few times a year. Continue reading

The most dangerous Pets

In recent years, increasingly in the apartment of friends or relatives instead of the fluffy kitty in the basket you can see the snake in the terrarium. It has become a kind of fashion. But is it really safe to follow the modern fashion trends? Could be better the old fashioned way: pour milk into a bowl and clean the litter box?

Because some wild animals can do more harm than good . Here is a list of five animals that are best not to get in your cozy, civilized house.


Tops the list of most dangerous animals exactly it. Most of us think that the turtle pet is the most undemanding and the most harmless. However, American scientists have found that these Pets are carriers of Salmonella. And this infection is known to be very dangerous, because can lead to death.


Today, some animal lovers not only want to take a picture with a monkey while relaxing at sea, but also to have the same in my apartment. However, these new Pets are very dangerous for their owners and their guests and this danger lies in their unpredictable aggressiveness. And this, in turn, can lead to bites and the spread of disease, many of which are still not studied by doctors. Continue reading

Transport of animals. Good advice from the veterinary clinic

Not only the people worry before a trip – animals also feel the bustle and for some it is a real stress .

In order that the animal can feel safe in the trip, he needs to create the most comfortable conditions.

Decide in advance what you will use to transport your pet container, carrier, or just the leash (this is for particularly large dogs). To do this you can simply visit the nearest pet store, where experienced specialists will tell you everything. You only need to choose the size and type of the desired product (soft, frame, tray with places to store products, drinking bowl, with an entrance from the top or front, folding, and so on).

Many owners prefer carrying wheels, in which the animal can freely stand and turn around – they are much more convenient in operation. For transportation of larger, aggressive dogs on the train it is better to buy a mesh cage that you can disassemble to convenient transportation condition, folded and set in a train compartment. Thus, as passers-by and dogs will feel more secure, and the owners themselves – more peaceful. Continue reading

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