+ Oracle Scm Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are different planning methods in Inventory? Question2: What are the setups for different. Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers – Inventory Module – Part IV – Free download as Oracle apps Order Management Interview questions. 29 Dec Oracle Apps – SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers that you create using DFF will be mapped to a column in Oracle Applications.

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Copy the template from the tools menu to assign specific attributes to the item and save it.

Sub inventories are of two types: To average out demand fluctuations due to seasonal or cyclic variations. What Is An Item? From where I can see the list of time oraclle in oracle. ABC analysis determines the relative value of a group of inventory items based on a user specified valuation criterion.

Oracle SCM Interview Questions & Answers

Microsoft Azure Training 5. On the requisition form in the source details block, there is a field labelled supplier item. After xnswers material arrives at the destination organization, you will need a receipt transaction to retrieve it. What is a Debit Memo Invoice? To make the behavior consistent we oracle apps scm interview questions and answers introduced this profile option. Depending on the requirement, we can trigger cycle count. Help us to know you. Tks very much for your post.

Re-order point planning Min-Max planning Kanban cards Sub inventory replenishment planning Question If you will not create any specific master org, then system will consider the same inv org as its master org. The profit and loss income statement account that tracks the default revenue account.


Was this replaced in GUI by attachments? The key benefit to the customer should be obvious; he does not have to tie up his capital in inventory. System will ask you to select locator combinations which already been defined in the sub inventory during the transaction.

Set the profile option ‘HR: What are item attributes? Would he be able to approve it? Using this Analysis, it will be easy to monitor and keep on track of the valuable items like frequently doing cycle counts on A class items, etc.

The Best Oracle SCM Interview Questions [UPDATED]

Either No Control or Full Control. Purchasable flag decides whether to order this item in a purchase order. Oracle 10g Practice Tests.

What is a transaction type? This is used during oracle apps scm interview questions and answers transaction when source is Sales Order 2. What is move order in OM. The purpose of this field is to allow user to set a higher approval amount limit than the amount agreed.

Lot control is to control a whole batch of items. Create an item in the item master form. Outside processing An asset account that tracks outside processing cost. In Inventory responsibility, under Planning run intervirw Min Max planning report with required parameter.

What are the Key flex fields in oracle Inventory? The following transaction source types come seeded with Oracle apps scm interview questions and answers Inventory: What is the Picking rule in Inventory 1. This transaction is used to move goods from pick sub inventory to staged sub inventory. A transaction changes the quantity and location of an item.

Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions: Inventory

Oracle Application Framework Interview Questions. You can transact items wnswers and out of locators. Within each grouping of item and item category, requisition lines are ordered by need-by date. Salesforce Lightning Training 5.

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To enable the Timeout feature in the PO Approval workflow, modify the following activities in the Notify Approver sub process by entering a Timeout period in their Properties windows: If the PO oracle apps scm interview questions and answers created from a encumbered Requisition 4.

If item is not resolvable If Sub inventory Allow reservation is not allowed If Item is wpps controlled and lot is expired Question Public Key Infrastructure PKI offers a strong linkage between business identities and transactions throughout the supply chain.

What are the main tables involved in Inter-Organization Answrs The Global Trade Item Number is a digit item numberused in item identification system for products. When an order is triggered, the EOQ is the size of the triggered order.

Once you perform transactions, you cannot change interviea account. How will oracle apps scm interview questions and answers ensure better decision making capability?

What Is A Stock Locator? W hat are the setups for different planning method Min-Max Setup the item in master org and assign the item to the org for which Min-Max planning is used. Can we save and approve blanket PO releases without entering promised and need-by date?