A longa (Arabic: لونجا ) is a Turkish / Eastern European dance, that was later introduced into A common form of longa is longa Riad in Nahawand scale ( لونجا نهاوند) which is composed by Riad el-Sonbaty in the maqam Nahawand. Violin Online’s free violin sheet music, Longa Nahawand – Arabic Music, is part of our free, self-guided violin class, and includes free sound files. Our free violin. Learn more about Arabic Music: Longa Nahawand in our Violin Online String Class – Non-Traditional Music – Study Unit Longa Nahawand is a traditional.

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The lesson starts off by introducing Al Longa and a bit of its history. Playing the entire Nahawand Kafseer Hanim Longa. Notice that in this course, we will start breaking some rules for speed. Kevseer is Kawthar because Nahadand people pronounce W as V, so Kevseer is Kawthar, and this is the only composition, as far as I nahawannd, in Arabic music, from the ottoman era which was by a lady, and not a man. About 3 or 4 years I don’t use scores anymore, I would need a while to play it again really good.

B Oud Junkie Posts: No it isn’t I use a CD player and monitoring speakers The Longa is a fast track, and it is a dancing track, the goal behind it was dancing. Table of contents – Learn Oud 3. And the word longa, as far as I know, was derived from the Italian word Delonga which was a tango dance.


Additional exercises to increase speed. I already played it, but I need a lot of time to get it back in my fingers, I’ll check out what I’m able to do this evening So Are you going to play it? Last part of Al Nahawanx Dance. This is a disaster! Sign up for free.

Yes, we’re talking about the same longa My sheet is longer with an intro in eighth notes: Nahawand Kafseer Hanim Longa.

Don’t Have an Instrument. But in this longa we will notice that we only have first verse, chorus, second verse and chorus, and the longa ends.

Originally posted lonha David. This is the chorus. I don’t know if a computer would give the same sound like my YC ? Second bar is TeTa Ti. I use an old portable tuner but I don’t switch on my computer when I play music.

Longa nahawand music

Marcel khalifa play it too. Let us take a look, it is a longa on Nahawand scale. I stumble on each note Right now I’m working on Rast, I hope to get more feed back on analysis with such a maqam But give us your own interpretation, I think this piece is an eliminating heat and can give a general idea of instrumentalist abilities my teacher, who’s Lebanese, told it’s an exam over there.


Now repeat the first verse with the chorus continuously. As we explained, a Longa consists of a first verse, chorus, second verse, chorus, loonga chorus, fourth and chorus.

Israeli Andalusian Orchestra/ Longa Nahawand Chords – Chordify

Right and Left Hand flexibility exercises. By clicking the button above I agree nahawajd the Terms and Conditions Of izif. See you next lesson. Exercises to increase speed when playing Longas. Not logged in [ Login – Register ]. OK, then we will meet tomorrow. Continuing Naahawand Longa part 1.

We have to practice is real slowly. I know that there are many versions and modified versions of it, but I will stick with my simple one then one can add any ornment he wants Continuing to play Husseini Dance.

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