If you are tired of dogs and cats. Overview of exotic Pets: the Fox-Fennec Fox, skunk, wombat, raccoon
Salvador Dali . as you know, loved to shock the audience. One day he bought himself an anteater and since then, everywhere I went with this anteater on posadochka. Together…

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The most rare and beautiful breeds of cats
This is a unique cat with bright, unusual eyes, often colored. Sometimes their eyes have a Golden hue, both at once. Sometimes blue like sapphires. In this case the coat…

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How dangerous Pets for kids

Even adults are touched, looking at a kitten or a puppy. I want to take him in his arms, to stroke, to kiss the pink nose. What to expect from children? For a child a pet is not just a heartthrob and partner in the game. A puppy, kitten, or Guinea pig becomes the child’s friend. He is with him in close constant contact, takes him to bed, feeds from his spoon (while the parents do not see). Not drawing attention to possible allergies or animal bite, talk about an invisible danger.

Even if a pet lives in the house and never going out, it does not guarantee that it is a vector of parasitic diseases. Coming from the street, you can bring the sole of the Shoe pieces of land that went to the infected animals.

Toxocariasis is a disease that a baby may get infected from dogs. Parasites can enter the body of the child, if after playing with the puppy, he washed his hands and sat down at the table. The larvae penetrate the intestinal wall and are disseminated by the circulatory system and from there transferred to the lungs, liver and even the eyes. The disease may be asymptomatic, giving only slight discomfort. Toxocariasis requires consultation with a medical parasitologist and purpose of anti presidentialpalace. Continue reading

Useful tips for cat owners

Thinking about how to get a cat? And can be in your house already settled this fluffy creation and are willing to learn about it something new? In this case our useful tips you will find very relevant, because they will allow you to learn what you may have not heard.

How to properly care for kittens

Most often people take the kittens 2-3 months old, but if you happen to be the owner of a small kitten, be ready to give it their full attention. Newborn kittens need to feed every couple of hours during the day and the first two weeks have to get up at night.

Give him fresh milk low fat in a sterile bottle with a nipple. Please note that kittens should not be fed forcibly, and with a pipette, as it can choke on the milk that will later lead to pneumonia.

After your pet it will be a month gradually add in its menu unsalted meat, but only very gradually, otherwise the kitten may have problems with a chair. When the difficulties with feeding meat diet stops can be safely add to the diet other food in pureed chicken, cereals and low fat dairy products. Note that fatty foods, in principle, undesirable in the diet of cats, it can easily cause the obesity of internal organs. Continue reading

Guinea pigs: the phantom menace

We hasten to reassure readers. If you live at home Guinea pig, don’t worry that your furry pet one day decide to enslave humanity. Recently published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B a study by researchers from the U.S. and Peru only shows the role of Guinea pigs in an abnormally high frequency of dangerous diseases in South America. Yes and that role play Guinea pigs against their will, the fault lies with parasitic insects and in humans.

The disease is called Chagas ‘ disease – in honor of the Brazilian physician Carlos Chagas (1879 – 1934), who described the disease and its causative agent contributing. Chagas was engaged in the fight against malaria. In the course of his research he discovered one-celled organism related Trypanosoma brucei – the causative agent of African sleeping sickness. He took it to the same genus and named Trypanosoma cruzi in honor of his teacher Brazilian parasitologist Oswaldo the cruise. As found by Chagas, transmitted by Triatoma infestans bugs . Rhodnius prolixus and several related species. All these bugs prefer to bite in the area of the mucous membranes, e.g. lips, so called “kissing bugs”. Chagas demonstrated in experimental monkeys the mechanism of infection, described the symptoms appeared, found the same symptoms in people in the blood which also showed trypanosomes.This is a rare case when a scientist opens a pathogen, its vector and transmission mechanism, usually this required the efforts of several researchers.

“Kissing bug” Triatoma infestans

Discovered by Carlos Chagas the disease is prevalent in several countries in Central and South America. The infection occurs not as a direct result of the bite of a bedbug, but after scratching the man from the wound of the bite. The wound fall the bug faeces, which contain the trypanosomes. After the infection begins the acute phase of the disease. It is characterized by fever, headache, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, swollen lymph nodes, pallor, Continue reading