How to Photograph your pet like a professional?
Advice from professional Photographers about the perfect Photos of their Pets. Avoid staging Photos and simply give your pet the time to open a part of his personality. Photographer Parker…

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10 reasons to start a home Fox
In recent times more and more people began to have foxes as Pets and keep them at home. Someone attract foxes themselves, as very beautiful and graceful animals, some just…

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Transport of animals. Good advice from the veterinary clinic

Not only the people worry before a trip – animals also feel the bustle and for some it is a real stress .

In order that the animal can feel safe in the trip, he needs to create the most comfortable conditions.

Decide in advance what you will use to transport your pet container, carrier, or just the leash (this is for particularly large dogs). To do this you can simply visit the nearest pet store, where experienced specialists will tell you everything. You only need to choose the size and type of the desired product (soft, frame, tray with places to store products, drinking bowl, with an entrance from the top or front, folding, and so on).

Many owners prefer carrying wheels, in which the animal can freely stand and turn around – they are much more convenient in operation. For transportation of larger, aggressive dogs on the train it is better to buy a mesh cage that you can disassemble to convenient transportation condition, folded and set in a train compartment. Thus, as passers-by and dogs will feel more secure, and the owners themselves – more peaceful. Continue reading

Guinea pigs: the phantom menace

We hasten to reassure readers. If you live at home Guinea pig, don’t worry that your furry pet one day decide to enslave humanity. Recently published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B a study by researchers from the U.S. and Peru only shows the role of Guinea pigs in an abnormally high frequency of dangerous diseases in South America. Yes and that role play Guinea pigs against their will, the fault lies with parasitic insects and in humans.

The disease is called Chagas ‘ disease – in honor of the Brazilian physician Carlos Chagas (1879 – 1934), who described the disease and its causative agent contributing. Chagas was engaged in the fight against malaria. In the course of his research he discovered one-celled organism related Trypanosoma brucei – the causative agent of African sleeping sickness. He took it to the same genus and named Trypanosoma cruzi in honor of his teacher Brazilian parasitologist Oswaldo the cruise. As found by Chagas, transmitted by Triatoma infestans bugs . Rhodnius prolixus and several related species. All these bugs prefer to bite in the area of the mucous membranes, e.g. lips, so called “kissing bugs”. Chagas demonstrated in experimental monkeys the mechanism of infection, described the symptoms appeared, found the same symptoms in people in the blood which also showed trypanosomes.This is a rare case when a scientist opens a pathogen, its vector and transmission mechanism, usually this required the efforts of several researchers.

“Kissing bug” Triatoma infestans

Discovered by Carlos Chagas the disease is prevalent in several countries in Central and South America. The infection occurs not as a direct result of the bite of a bedbug, but after scratching the man from the wound of the bite. The wound fall the bug faeces, which contain the trypanosomes. After the infection begins the acute phase of the disease. It is characterized by fever, headache, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, swollen lymph nodes, pallor, Continue reading

Exotic Pets

Cat, dog, parrot or aquarium fish today are nothing new. But exotic Pets for many people is still a novelty, although we can not say that the content of unusual Pets is a rarity in our country. Surely you can remember one or two friends, in the apartment containing some animal, not typical for Russian natural conditions.

The most unpretentious in the content of exotic insects today considered a Madagascar cockroach. Its length can reach 10 cm, but if you poke barbel rod, in response you hear a loud angry hiss. Special popularity it enjoys among boys of school age – in fact, this mini monster can sit on the Desk or under the table hated the teacher and observe their reaction.

The most popular exotic animals – iguanas and chameleons. They are spectacular in appearance and are not shy of human society. For example, the iguanas like to sit on the shoulder of the master and bask. In the summer they can walk on a leash in the yard or in the Park. His steadiness and attachment to the owner, these animals even somewhat resemble dogs.

Newts are also suitable for the role of Pets. However, reciprocal warm feelings for their owner, these animals do not feel, they are nocturnal and secretive and caracterului. But these animals are quite undemanding to the conditions of detention. Leading a mostly aquatic lifestyle, newts are cold-blooded animals, so they can be kept in an aquarium without heating all year round.

If you prefer a more cute creatures can make a home a chinchilla – cute, fuzzy creature with a luxurious tail and round curious eyes. Chinchillas are very sociable, and unlike, for example, from a hamster, feel genuine interest and sympathy for his master. Continue reading