Goat – use, keeping, breeding

The most unpretentious and very useful domestic animal . which contain capable and old and small, not to mention a large family. Goat feed where a cow will starve.

Rowdy character? We all like our animals domashnie, can buck.

Smart goat it will replace the service dog. And add to this by supplying milk, tasty cheese.

To start is to decide: to buy a young goat or dairy goat already. Each option has its pros and cons. Since we purchased a two month goat (the usual “rustic” breeds), we will consider this variant optimal and to tell about it.

Cute animal spent the whole day crying for mom, but then calmed down, getting used to their new environment. Fun galloping Hand in the garden-the vegetable garden, entertain us with tricks. But. all good things come to an end: a broken and stubby bushes and trees, trampled down the beds forced to take action – to wear a collar and tie.

Grew up on the outskirts of the village, accustomed to freedom goat the first two days of lunging with a leash, then used. And for the future we have made a note: the Arrow will appear at the baby – literally from the first day should be accustomed to the collar, a little later – to a leash. Continue reading

If you are tired of dogs and cats. Overview of exotic Pets: the Fox-Fennec Fox, skunk, wombat, raccoon

Salvador Dali . as you know, loved to shock the audience. One day he bought himself an anteater and since then, everywhere I went with this anteater on posadochka. Together they went for a walk, attended the evening and even had dinner in the restaurant. Dali, you could say, was one of the founders of the fashion keep exotic Pets.

By the way, the anteaters being very friendly. They love to flirt, play with the owner, happily licking a friendly outstretched hand with his long tongue. To purchase the anteater today is no longer considered an act of extreme extravagance. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive today.

Let’s see . what other exotic animals can be kept at home. Just note that for the review we took only such pupils, which can be kept in the apartment. Of course, many people want a beautiful white kangaroo Wallaby Bennett, but such a carcass (height at the withers reaches a meter or more) need to contain in a special cage, also far outside the city, where it will not frighten the strange noises. Yes and many pygmy Hippo brings a lot of joy, but he needs a pool of water of a certain temperature, which have to constantly maintain at the desired level. In General, it’s all entertainment for the very wealthy, even the rich. We’re rassmotrennykh animals, which, for all its exoticism, not causing problems with your own content in the apartment or in the extreme case – of a private house. Continue reading

The most dangerous Pets

In recent years, increasingly in the apartment of friends or relatives instead of the fluffy kitty in the basket you can see the snake in the terrarium. It has become a kind of fashion. But is it really safe to follow the modern fashion trends? Could be better the old fashioned way: pour milk into a bowl and clean the litter box?

Because some wild animals can do more harm than good . Here is a list of five animals that are best not to get in your cozy, civilized house.


Tops the list of most dangerous animals exactly it. Most of us think that the turtle pet is the most undemanding and the most harmless. However, American scientists have found that these Pets are carriers of Salmonella. And this infection is known to be very dangerous, because can lead to death.


Today, some animal lovers not only want to take a picture with a monkey while relaxing at sea, but also to have the same in my apartment. However, these new Pets are very dangerous for their owners and their guests and this danger lies in their unpredictable aggressiveness. And this, in turn, can lead to bites and the spread of disease, many of which are still not studied by doctors. Continue reading