Early spring has resulted in the emergence of caterpillars that are dangerous for children and dogs

Doctors Spain are warning residents about the need to be careful while walking outdoors, especially with children, and dogs. Because of early spring in Spain observed the invasion of toxic caterpillars, lovers of pine needles.

Caterpillars marching moth ( Thaumetopoea Pityocampa ) can be found in any European country where there are pine and coniferous forests, as their main diet are pine needles.

Disturbing bright coloration of these caterpillars, the trunk of which is provided with longitudinal orange band and unpleasant to look at long hairs, clearly warns of the danger, and all those who want to get to know them.

Unfortunately, the instinct of self-preservation in children is underdeveloped, and domestic dogs he suppressed their incredible curiosity.

For this reason, the Ministry of health of Spain, where this year the emergence of caterpillars of a silkworm camp was not only much earlier than usual, but in huge quantities, has published a special press release. Spaniards urged to avoid prikosnovenii the tracks and make sure their not touching children and Pets. Continue reading

How dangerous Pets for kids

Even adults are touched, looking at a kitten or a puppy. I want to take him in his arms, to stroke, to kiss the pink nose. What to expect from children? For a child a pet is not just a heartthrob and partner in the game. A puppy, kitten, or Guinea pig becomes the child’s friend. He is with him in close constant contact, takes him to bed, feeds from his spoon (while the parents do not see). Not drawing attention to possible allergies or animal bite, talk about an invisible danger.

Even if a pet lives in the house and never going out, it does not guarantee that it is a vector of parasitic diseases. Coming from the street, you can bring the sole of the Shoe pieces of land that went to the infected animals.

Toxocariasis is a disease that a baby may get infected from dogs. Parasites can enter the body of the child, if after playing with the puppy, he washed his hands and sat down at the table. The larvae penetrate the intestinal wall and are disseminated by the circulatory system and from there transferred to the lungs, liver and even the eyes. The disease may be asymptomatic, giving only slight discomfort. Toxocariasis requires consultation with a medical parasitologist and purpose of anti presidentialpalace. Continue reading

Children and Pets

Many parents, having the house allowed, with the birth of a newborn, or even during pregnancy begin to think about the security of their cohabitation. Some even get rid of their once beloved cat or dog before the baby is born.

Undoubtedly, Pets allowed-Pets are beneficial to children, teach them kindness and responsibility. But, when it is expected the appearance of a newborn in the house, it is better to postpone the drive to the house the animal until the baby is older. But what if your beloved cat or dog live with you for a long time. What dangers may be holding a pet in the house. where a newborn lives.

Let’s start with the fact that a cat or a dog — this is your child, whom you have tamed (and you are responsible for those who tamed). The appearance of a newborn in the house can cause jealousy in your pet (we are not talking about the turtles, or fish). Jealousy can manifest itself in unexpected ways. For example, a cat that always regularly went to his tray, he suddenly begins to leave piles around the house. Either will be worn with the tramping through the apartment at a time when the child should go to bed. And even worse, if the cat will lunge at a small child. Therefore, to prevent this happening, your task is to show the animal that your child is your child.It can not hurt, scratch, bite, jump to him in bed, to lick his nipple.

In no case do not ignore the animal, and especially do not scold. Your pet will feel that your attitude towards him after the appearance of a new family member has changed for the worse, and will take revenge for you and your baby. Need animal show by your actions that you still love. Continue reading