11 the most dangerous for Pets plants

Indoor plants help to make the room more comfortable, but pet owners need to think not only about the beauty of the world, but also about the safety of their Pets. Many harmless looking flowers contain toxic substances that can cause cats or dogs with serious health problems, and in some cases death. Among the dangerous plants lilies and azaleas, dracaena and dieffenbachia, Caladium, and begonia.

Potted lilies are beautiful, delicate and fragrant flowers are toxic to cats. Animals can be poisoned by any part of the plant. Even the pollen, once on the fur, but with her language and into the stomach clean pet can cause intoxication, severe cases, ending in acute renal failure and death. For dogs dangerous are just some of the variety of the flower. About the poisoning daylilies indicates irritation of the lips and tongue of pet, lethargy, weakness, increased salivation, trouble swallowing, vomiting. In the first few hours the animal can still be saved.

Delicate, bright, elegant, emerald asparagus Ethiopian, also known as asparagus Sprenger, equally dangerous for dogs and cats. It contains toxic steroid sapogenin. Particularly rich in the berries of the plant, which usually involve animals. Poisoning sapogenin is expressed as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, sometimes
in allergic dermatitis. For weak and elderly animals in this “adventure”.

Dracaena, also known as dragon tree, is unpretentious, but powerful indoor plant. It is dangerous for cats, and for dogs, and small Pets such as chinchillas or hamsters. Dracaena contains saponins. Poisoning them is expressed in loss of appetite, vomiting, sometimes bloody, excessive salivation, thirst. In small animals, the pupils dilate. Acute poisoning is expressed in lethargy, rapid and shallow breathing, weak pulse, no response to external stimuli. Continue reading

The most intelligent dog breeds

With obake, like other Pets, in the wild state had certain qualities that they became friends of man. Ongoing targeted selection. Especially interesting for all classification in the mind. The most popular study in this regard is the work of Stanley Coren. According to him the smartest dog breeds Border collie, poodle, and German shepherd is far ahead of all other animals.

The most interesting is the fate of a German shepherd, as detailed on our. It rightly deserves a lot of recognition and respect. The dog is beside the man in many of the most difficult situations. It is indispensable as an assistant for the protection of major sites. During both the 1st and 2nd world wars, the German shepherd saved the lives of people. The breed is also very well established in his first mission as a shepherd of the flock.

The German shepherd starred in many movies. According to cinema shepherds are intelligent dogs which most successfully perform the role of actors. Interestingly, when it comes to Soviet films with the participation of shepherds, we always mean the breed is East European shepherd. But it is not recognized by experts of world level. It turns out that in the time after the war Stalin ordered to withdraw a new breed similar to a German shepherd. Quick-witted red-tape-monger dog trainers just arrived,they renamed the breed. Is a German dog came to be called Eastern European. So a few days in 1951, was enough to create this Soviet dog that is not recognized as purebred. Continue reading

What to feed Pekingese?

The first question that comes up right after you buy a puppy — what to feed Pekingese?

The first few days after you bring your puppy home, he should be on the same diet as the breeder. On other foods it is necessary to move gradually, but it is better to study in advance the question of how to properly feed a puppy, so as not to cause damage to his health.

No, of course, reason to doubt that the dog is not an herbivore animals, although the Pekingese might be the exception, because this dog loves vegetables and fruits. However, any dog in its essence is primarily a predator, and the consumption of meat is the most natural process, although it is not necessary to go to the extreme and feed the dog only meat, so even the most selective. Your Pekingese will love to eat the most ordinary store-bought meat, only the bones required to completely eliminate from his diet because of the rather weak dentition. The cartilages can give your Pekingese to eat, but not often, because they are few, and the intestine of the dog they slag sacrificed. In the diet of a Pekingese should from time to time to include poultry (chicken or Turkey). Just do not forget beforehand to completely remove the bones, since the crushing they split into pieces with sharp edges that can damage the intestinal wall that can privesti death of the animal.

Menu Pekingese is certainly marine fish, both cooked and raw.

Adult Pekingese once a week must get boiled egg yolk, a puppy depending on its weight and age is part of the yolk. You want to use in the diet of puppy Pekingese offal such as kidney, heart, liver. From the variety of products you need to try to find what is most suitable for your puppy or dog. Pekingese — breed, not suffering from lack of appetite, so the puppy food do not know the steps . It is important not to overfeed your dog, so food is necessary to comply with the measure. Continue reading